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CiVI . ENGINEERING CC7NISULTA.NTS INC, <br />— 2400 8Bch Street, 1112 + Des Moines, lows 50322 + 515/276-4BQ4 <br />E2161 <br />December 5, 1989 <br />City of Clive <br />9289 Swanson Blvd. <br />Clive, Iowa 50053 <br />ATTENTION: Mr. John Benson <br />RE: WESTRIDCE II <br />Sideyard Setback Variance <br />Dear John: <br />This letter and the enclosed check in the amount•of $50.00 shall <br />serve as our request for a variance in the sideyard setback on <br />the west side of the Westridge lI property; see site plan attached. <br />Specifically the request is for a sideyard setback reduction from <br />75 feet to 40 feet due to the hardship incurred with the location <br />of the median break on University Avenue. <br />Secondly, the ordiance states that the sideyard setback shall be <br />75 feet if adjacent to an"R" district and a minimum of 25 feet if <br />adjacent to a district other than an "R" district. It is true that <br />the area to the west is zoned R-2,.however the property has fully <br />developed with non-residential uses, i.e. Faith Lutheran Church and <br />the Clive water tower. <br />We respectfully submit that the granting of the variance will elim- <br />inate the hardship of the median break location, as well as meet <br />the spirit and intent of the zoning ordinance. <br />We would appreciate your scheduling a Board of Adjustment meeting <br />on December 18, 1989, and would be pleased to make our appeal at <br />that time. <br />Sincerely, <br />CIVIL ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS, INC. <br />Jer /'. Oliver, P.E./L.S. <br />enclosure <br />cc: Mr. Tini Urban <br />Mr. Mike Myers <br />Ralph A. Emmereon, P.E_ <br />Consuluing Er iginear u <br />Jerry P. Oliver, P.E.-L.S. Edward H. Arp, A.S.L.A, <br />Land Surveyors Land:3cnhn Architects <br />