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CITY OF CLIVE <br />Public Works Dept. • Building & Zoning Dept. <br />Park & Recreation Dept. <br />9289 Swanson Boulevard <br />Clive, Iowa 50325 <br />(515) 223-6230 <br />FAX (515) 223-6013 <br />STAFF REPORT <br />To: Planning & Zoning Commission Prepared by: Greg Michel <br />Re: Site plan for 9051 Swanson Blvd. Date: November 21, 1991 <br />GENERAL INFORMATION: <br />Applicant: Eric Sheldahl <br />Requested action: <br />Location: <br />Site size: <br />Site plan approval to <br />construct 4000 square foot <br />building <br />9051 Swanson Blvd. <br />.61 Acres <br />Existing land use and zoning: ABC Electric's parking lot: <br />M-1 & Flood Fringe <br />Surrounding land use and zoning: <br />North - Railroad tracks & <br />Westview Bend: M-1 <br />& R-2 zoning <br />South - Swanson Blvd. & <br />Greenbelt Park: <br />M-1 & Floodway <br />zoning <br />East - Railroad tracks & <br />Westview Bend: R-2 <br />zoning <br />West - ABC Electric: M-1 <br />zoning <br />BACKGROUND <br />Eric Sheldahl is proposing to build a 4000 square foot building at <br />9051 Swanson Blvd. The triangle shaped lot is located directly east <br />of ABC Electric and is currently used for ABC Electric's employee <br />parking. Dave Ward will be renting out the existing ABC Electric <br />building and grounds to a new tenant. A letter has been requested <br />from Dave Ward stating that the new tenant will not be utilizing the <br />existing employee parking lot. Ample employee parking can be <br />provided on ABC's lot with the elimination of a large fenced area <br />that is presently used for storage of ABC's service vans and <br />equipment. <br />