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( ,J) <br />va i/L-t <br />STAFF REPORT <br />To: Planning c&- Zoning Comm'i_ s:i.on Prepared b y e Greg I"iicheil. <br />Re: Site plan 9051 Swanson Blvd,. Date July 06, 1992 <br />GENERAL.. INFORMATION <br />Applicant: Eric Sheldahl <br />Requested action: <br />Location: <br />Site maize <br />Existing land use and zoning <br />Surrounding land use and zoning <br />BACKGROUND <br />Site plan approval to <br />construct 4968 square foot <br />building <br />9051 Sanson Blvd. <br />„61 Acres <br />ABC Electric's parking jot.. <br />M-1 & Flood Fringe <br />North -- Railroad tracks & <br />Westview Bend M-1 <br />& R-2 zoning <br />South -- Swanson Blvd„ & <br />Greenbelt Park. <br />M-1 & Ft o o d air a y <br />zoning <br />East Railroad tracks & <br />Westview Bend R - <br />zoning <br />West. ABC Electric:: M ---.l <br />zoning <br />Eric Shel.dahl is proposing to build a 4196£3 square foot microfilm <br />building at. 9051 Swanson Blvd.. The triangle shaped lot is located <br />directly east of ABC Electric and is currently used for ABC <br />Electric's employee parking,: Planning and Zoning reviewed the <br />original site plan on November 26 and Council recommended approval. <br />on December 1.7, 1991.. A 60 site plan extension was granted by <br />Council on March .5, 1992, which expired on May 5, 1992. Sheldahl is <br />requesting that the site plan be reapproved with one modification, <br />the building square footage being increased from 41000 to 49613 <br />square., <br />Dave Ward wil.l be renting out the existing ABC Electric building and <br />grounds to a new tenant.. A letter has been received from Dave Ward <br />stating that the new tenant will not be utilizing the existing <br />employee parking lot. Ample employee parking can be provided on <br />ABC's lot with the elimination of a large fenced area that is <br />presently used for storage of ABC's service vans and equ:iprnent.,, <br />