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Variance Request Application.doc 3 <br />CASE NO. (o - IOIS <br />(City use only) <br />APPLICATION FOR VARIANCE <br />All required information must be presented before acceptance of application. <br />The applicant must complete all sections in bold for review to begin. <br />Please type or print : 2 <br />1. Date � LL V\ Q ,„23 / 0 <br />Appellant Name: � 111( D . C-//vrct e vi vi ,k7 r6r C-reoler,L <br />,,n / t4 1 , �1n- U1! . <br />Address: / 7 0 %`l e / Y`(2SN Pr. iiecu k P� �' .16.2b <br />(Street) (City) (Stat4) (Zip) <br />Telephone Number: .575-- 9 7Y -7d 2-1 5-/c ` ci - <br />(Home) (Work) <br />,rleray g) 9)ee lure it, L'cv► <br />E -Mail Address: <br />2. Location of Property <br />Street Address: <br />y ,2 3 Nlo.%h cl 61 Li i, T, C ku; 4 . <br />Legal Description: Q- ei Al 7S /. Q /- 1L" (o CU 11 <br />Cfus I6V1 a I ftr k( C/t',fe, ?elk ilvup,, <br />Zoning Classification: <br />This appeal cannot be processed until all required materials are submitted. In <br />addition to this application, the following information is required for submission. <br />On a separate sheet of paper please type or print the following: <br />3. General description or variance request <br />4. Site plan drawn to scale <br />This plan shall be no larger than 11" x 17" and easily reproducible. <br />5. A completed "Supporting Information Form" <br />This form is included in this packet of information. <br />6. Application fee <br />An application is not considered filed until filing fee is paid. <br />Clive Community Development <br />1900 NW 114th Street (515) 223-6221 <br />(515) 457-3091 FAX <br />