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PLANNING AND ZONING <br />MEETING MINUTES <br />August 8, 2017 <br />KADING CALLED THE MEETING TO ORDER AT 5:32 P.M. <br />Clive <br />Community Development <br />1900 NW 114th ST <br />Clive, IA 50325 <br />(515)223-6221 <br />(515)457-3091 Fax <br /> <br />PRESENT: BENJAMIN, BANNISTER, DIKIS, BRAUER, HARRINGTON, <br />HAVERMANN, KADING <br />STAFF: PFALTZGRAFF, RIVERA <br />MOTION WAS MADE BY BRAUER, SECONDED BY HARRINGTON to approve July 11, <br />2017 meeting minutes <br />VOTE: YES - UNANIMOUS <br />Case 17-1020: Shadow Creek Plat 3, Preliminary Plat <br />The subject site was recently rezoned from R-1 to PUD to allow for slightly smaller setbacks <br />and lot widths on a portion of the lots as they transition away from the greenbelt. Design <br />standards will be similar to other subdivisions in the area and are as follows: <br />Lot Width- Lots 1-22, minimum of 80 feet. <br />Lots 23-57 minimum of 70 feet. <br />Lot Size- Lots 1-22, minimum of 10,000 square feet. <br />Lots 23-57 minimum of 8,500 square feet. <br />Building Setbacks- Lots 1 and 22, minimum front yard setback of 35 feet. <br />Lots 2-21 and 23-57, minimum front yard setback of 30 feet. <br />Lots 1-22, minimum side yard setback of 8 feet. <br />Lots 23-57, minimum side yard setback of 7 feet. <br />Lots 1-57, minimum rear yard setback of 30 feet. <br />House Size- Minimum 1,800 square foot ranch, 2,200 square foot multi -story <br />Garage- Minimum 3 -car attached garage <br />Roof/Siding- Minimum 50 -year cementious siding or similar product and <br />architectural grade shingles <br />Stone: Minimum 50% of the front elevation shall be covered with brick <br />or stone veneer, with 50% of the stone requirement being allowed <br />to be stucco or cement applied finish. <br />