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STAFF REPORT <br />Nnt�lic, t turf' ; �7�pt. a fit�ll lei lrtirlp7S7 " pt. <br />9289 Su tilt *it R3trulovar <br />(Am knkfq <br />(515) 223-(3230 <br />FAX : (5 _f ) 223 -6013 <br />To: Planning & Zoning Commission Prepared By: Greg Michel <br />Re: Preliminary Plat Country Club Date: March 23, 1993 <br />West Plat 5 <br />GENERAL INFORMATION: <br />Applicant: Iowa Realty <br />Requested Action: Preliminary Plat Approval <br />Location: Summit Dr between 149th <br />Street & 152nd Street <br />Site Size: 15.64 Acres <br />Existing Land Use & Zoning: Vacant: R-5 Zoning <br />Surrounding Land Use and Zoning: <br />BACKGROUND: <br />North - Hickman Road & <br />Unincorporated <br />Dallas Co <br />South - Vacant/Unplatted <br />Country Club <br />West: R-1 Zoning <br />East - Country Club West <br />Plat 4: R-1 & R-5 <br />Zoning <br />West - Vacant/Unplatted <br />Country Club West <br />R-1 Zoning <br />Country Club West Plat 5 is generally located south of Hickman <br />Road between 149th Street and 152nd Street. Plat 5 is located <br />immediately west of Country Club West Plat 4. The overall street <br />layout conforms to the design approved on the masterplan for <br />Country Club West. On March 4, 1993, Council approved the <br />