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STAFF REPORT <br />CITY OF CLIVE <br />Public Works Dept. • Building & Zoning Dept. <br />Park & Recreation Dept. <br />9289 Swanson Boulevard <br />Clive, Iowa 50325 <br />(515) 223-6230 <br />FAX (515) 223-6013 <br />To: Planning & Zoning Commission Prepared By: Greg Michel <br />Re: Dev Plan/Site Plan Amendment Date: July 5, 1994 <br />Norwest Bank <br />GENERAL INFORMATION: <br />Applicant: Norwest Bank <br />Requested Action: <br />Development Plan & <br />Site Plan Amendment For <br />Parking Addition <br />Location: 9801 University Avenue <br />Site Size: 3.18 Acres Existing <br />.35 Parking Addition <br />Existing Land Use & Zoning: Norwest Bank & Vacant: <br />C-4 Zoning <br />Surrounding Land Use and Zoning: North - Dahl's Parking <br />Lot & Store: C-4 <br />Zoning <br />South - City of West Des <br />Moines (Target) <br />East - Norwest Bank & <br />Drive-through: <br />C-4 Zoning <br />West - Dahl's Entrance & <br />Vacant: C-4 <br />Zoning <br />BACKGROUND: <br />Norwest Bank has submitted a minor site plan/development plan <br />amendment for additional employee parking at their facility on <br />University Avenue. Norwest's original bank building was <br />constructed in 1982, with an addition to the building, parking <br />