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nCLIVE <br />i�YYN <br />Memo <br />To: Planning and Zoning Commissioners <br />From: Brad Deets, Planner OP <br />Date: 5/24/05 <br />Re: Wells Fargo — Addition to Site Plan Amendment <br />A request has been received from Wells Fargo regarding the construction of <br />approximately 100 feet of security fence to the north of both the existing ATM and <br />proposed ATM. A detail as well as a diagram showing the location of the fence has been <br />attached. <br />The proposed fencing is proposed 5' 8" tubular steel painted black. Staff has no <br />problems with the addition of the fence. <br />If it is the Commission's desire, staff would recommend that the fencing be shown on the <br />site plan amendment prior to final approval by the City Council. <br />1900 NW 114E Street ph: 515-223-6221 <br />fax: 515-457-3091 <br />