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Administration <br />Phone 515-223-6220 <br />1900 NW 114th Street <br />Clive, IA 50325-7077 <br />FAX 515-457-3097 <br />Community <br />Development <br />Phone 515-223-6221 <br />1900 NW 1141h Street <br />Clive, IA 50325-7077 <br />FAX 515-457-3097 <br />Parks & Recreation <br />Phone 515-223-5246 <br />1900 NW 114th Street <br />Clive, IA 50325-7077 <br />FAX 515-457-3097 <br />Fire Administration <br />Phone 515-223-1595 <br />8505 Harbach Blvd. <br />Clive, IA 50325-1029 <br />FAX 515-223-6457 <br />Police Administration <br />Phone 515-278-1312 <br />8505 Harbach Blvd. <br />Clive, IA 50325-1029 <br />FAX 515-278-6066 <br />Public Works <br />Phone 515-223-6231 <br />9289 Swanson Blvd. <br />Clive, IA 50325-6917 <br />FAX 515-223-6013 <br /> <br />City of Clive, Iowa <br />STAFF REPORT <br />TO: Planning and Zoning Commission <br />RE: #01-14 Quail Valley Townhomes <br />GENERAL INFORMATION: <br />Applicant: <br />Requested Action <br />Location and Size: <br />• <br />PREPARED BY: Doug 011endike <br />DATE: May 2, 2001 <br />Quail Valley Homes, Jim Emory <br />Final Plat Approval <br />Site Plan Approval <br />Approximately .57 acres located at the corner of NW <br />85th Street and Clark Street, currently known as 1646 <br />NW 85th Street <br />Location MYM Yv <br />Existing Land Use <br />Land Use Plan Designation <br />Current <br />Zoning <br />Property in <br />Question <br />Single Family Residential- <br />(dwelling removed) <br />Residential -High Density Multi- <br />Family <br />R-3 <br />North <br />Apartment Building <br />Residential -High Density Multi- <br />Family <br />R-3 <br />South <br />Apartment Building <br />Commercial -Retail and Service <br />C-2 <br />East <br />Apartment Building <br />Residential -High Density Multi- <br />Family <br />R-3 <br />West <br />Retail Building (laundromat) <br />Commercial- Retail and Service <br />C-2 <br />BACKGROUND: <br />The property was originally developed as part of the McKeons Plat development in the early- 1940's. <br />The Polk County database showed that the single family dwelling was constructed in 1941. Jim <br />Emory, Quail Valley Homes, recently purchased the property and desires to redevelop into seven <br />townhouse -style apartments. <br />As part of the approval process, Quail Valley Homes is required to submit a Final Plat (replat of Lot <br />12 McKeon's Place) and a Site Plan (required for multi -family construction), both of which are before <br />the Planning and Zoning Commission. Staff has reviewed and commented on the requests and <br />revisions have been submitted by the applicant. The plans in your packets address a majority of staffs <br />concerns, although there are still a few outstanding items that will need to be addressed prior to this <br />item moving forward to City Council. - <br />