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CLIVE <br />CITY OF CLIVE <br />Public Works Dept. • Building & Zoning Dept. <br />Park & Recreation Dept. <br />9289 Swanson Boulevard <br />Clive, Iowa 50325 <br />(515) 223-6230 <br />FAX (515) 223-6013 <br />To: Planning and Zoning Commission <br />From: Greg Michel, Community Development Director <br />Date: July 20, 1992 <br />Re: Lighting Plan For Faith Lutheran Church <br />Faith Lutheran Church, presently located at 10395 University <br />Avenue, has submitted a minor site plan amendment to allow the <br />installation of parking lot lights and a new monument sign. The <br />new lighting plan is similar to the lighting plan on the original <br />site plan that was approved by Council. As submitted, the <br />applicant is proposing to install nine 23' high shoebox style <br />lights in the east and north parking lots. At this time the <br />existing parking lot is unlit. A 400 watt light bulb is proposed <br />in all nine lights. An established precedent has been set <br />regarding lower wattage lights and adequate screening adjacent to <br />residential areas. For example, on Venture's site plan the <br />lights facing residential properties on the north were limited to <br />a maximum of 250 watts. Parking lot lights on the south side of <br />the store, away from the residential properties, were limited to <br />400 watts. A specific wattage for lights is not required by the <br />zoning ordinance. Staff recommends that the lights adjacent to <br />the residential area be limited to a maximum of 250 watts. The <br />applicant is also requesting to phase the project if the current <br />budget does not allow completion this year. Phase two of the <br />lighting plan would be constructed in the summer of '93. <br />A 2'6" by 8' or 20 square foot monument sign is proposed on the <br />southwest corner of the site at the intersection of University <br />Avenue and 104th Street. This improvement is scheduled to be <br />installed next summer, budget permitting. Raised letters will be <br />installed on the building sometime in '92. When the new monument <br />sign is installed, the existing sign will be required to be <br />removed. <br />Staff recommends approval of the minor site plan for Faith <br />Lutheran Church subject to the wattage of the bulbs being reduced <br />from 400 watts, to a maximum of 250 watts in the areas adjacent <br />to the residential properties. <br />