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MEMORANDUM <br />CITY OF CLIVE <br />8505 Harbach Boulevard • P.O. Box 8 • Clive, Iowa 50053 <br />City Hall 223-6220 • Public Works Dept. 223-6230 <br />Police & Fire Administration 223-8167 <br />Police & Fire Emergencies DIAL 911 <br />TO Members of the Plan and Zone, Commission <br />FROM: Bruce Gates, Community Development Director <br />RE Site Plan; Faith Lutheran Church, 10395 University Avenue <br />DATE: September 5, 1986 <br />Pursuant to Section 28-E the Plan and Zone <br />Commission must make and report a recommendation <br />regarding the proposed expansion of the Faith <br />Lutheran Church from 4800 square feet to 23,670 <br />square feet. This expansion is only permitted <br />by special permit in accordance with the same <br />procedures required for the granting of special <br />exception by the Board of Adjustment. The <br />property is within R1 and R2 districts which do <br />not permit church uses. <br />The engineer and I have not finalized our review <br />of the proposed site plan, therefore, the purpose <br />of your review will not be to consider the site <br />plan approval. However, it is a good opportunity <br />to give input to the applicant on any of your <br />concerns. <br />Owing to the impending University Avenue widening, <br />the applicant must dedicate five feet of additional <br />right-of-way to the City. At the site plan stage, <br />the City will also need to secure a ten (10) foot <br />wide construction easement along University Avenue <br />from the applicant and a sidewalk petition and waiver <br />agreement to ensure future construction of the sidewalk <br />along University. <br />Additional items that will need to be addressed on <br />the site plan include the construction of an enclosure <br />around the trash container and the installation of a <br />new fire hydrant south of the NW 104th Street driveway <br />access. <br />B G/ph <br />