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Community Development <br />Memo <br />To: Board of Adjustment <br />From: Doug 011endike, Community Development Director <br />Date: 6/13/2008 <br />Re: Faith Lutheran Church- Variance Request <br />As requested by the Board of Adjustment, Faith Lutheran Church has provided additional information regarding <br />their capability to provide additional on-site parking. A memo from the church and two parking lot layout exhibits <br />are attached for your reference. <br />Parking lot layout "A" shows the approximately 56 stalls the church would immediately construct with the <br />proposed building addition. This would bring their on-site parking count to approximately 152, which would be <br />approximately 115 stalls short of the Zoning Ordinance requirement for this use. Parking lot layout "B" shows <br />how they might be able to construct "full -build" parking if the additional parking stalls were determined to be <br />needed in the future (bringing the total parking stall count up to approximately 267). Although staff have not <br />completed a full site plan review of the layout "B", it does appear that the church would have the necessary land to <br />accommodate the additional parking stalls in future. <br />if the Board of Adjustment determines that the requested deferral of parking stalls is appropriate, staff would <br />recommend that the motion contain the following conditions: <br />• Approval is subject to Faith Lutheran Church executing an Agreement to Complete Parking Lot which <br />would require the church to build the additional parking stalls within one year of a request from the City, <br />and <br />• Approval is subject to Faith Lutheran Church constructing approximately 56 additional parking stalls in <br />conjunction with the proposed building addition. <br />Please feel free to contact me at 223-6221 or at if you have any questions or need any <br />additional information prior to the meeting. <br />• Page 1 <br />