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STAFF REPORT <br />TO: Planning and Zoning Commission <br />PREPARED BY: Ryan Heiland <br />RE: #06-1037: Fisher Acres Plat 2, Final Plat DATE: September 26, 2006 <br />GENERAL INFORMATION: <br />Applicant: <br />Requested Action <br />Location and Size: <br />Land Uses and Zoning: <br />Briggs Medical Service <br />Final Plat Approval <br />1429 NW 80th Street <br />20,592 square -feet <br />Location <br />Existing Land Use <br />Land Use Plan Designation <br />Current Zoning <br />Property in <br />Question <br />Single-family residence & <br />Commercial parking lot <br />Residential - Duplex <br />C-2 <br />North <br />Single-family residence <br />Residential - Duplex <br />R-2 <br />South <br />Commercial <br />Commercial - Neighborhood <br />Retail Services <br />C-2 <br />East <br />Residential <br />Residential - Single Family <br />R-2 <br />West <br />(across NW 80th St.) <br />Residential <br />Residential - Duplex <br />C-2 <br />BACKGROUND: <br />The subject site is currently known as lot 12. Lot 12 has a single-family dwelling existing <br />on-site and a 24'x26' garage on the property: In 1992, Briggs Corporation was granted a <br />variance to construct a parking lot on the east half of Lot 12. The parking lot was an <br />expansion of the existing parking lot to the south of the site. At this time, the owner of the <br />property Briggs Corporation would like to sell the single-family residence. This would <br />require the property lines to be re -platted to separate the house and garage from the east <br />half of the lot with the parking lot. <br />