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<br />City of Clive <br />Public Arts Advisory Commission <br />Meeting Minutes – January 29, 2008 <br />Lisa Underhill-Schmidt called the meeting to order at 6:37pm <br />Present: <br />Commission members John Dilley, Yvonne Brune, Bill Dikis, Tracy Levine, <br />Absent: <br />Chaden Halfhill, and Linda Shanks. Dave Roszak, Karen Leibold, Chuck Kuba <br />(all previously excused) <br />The agenda was approved after a brief discussion and the meeting moved forward with <br />the review of the DRAFT bylaws: Tracy called for a review of Article VI. DUITES AND <br />RESPONSIBILITIES OF BOARD MEMBERS: <br />Focusing on the advisory capacity, the meaning of that phrase; also, that Lisa will be the <br />liaison to the city for the Commission’s recommendations, including, but not limited to, <br />the budget and Public Art Master Plan; and that Lisa will take the lead on preparing an <br />annual report. Comments were made that the DRAFT bylaws appeared to be standard <br />and that it was then motioned to be approved by Bill Dikis and seconded John Dilley. <br />The Commission unanimously approved the by-laws with a verbal vote. <br />Lisa presented the opportunity to elect the Chairperson and Secretary. Discussion ensued <br />John Dilley was elected Chairperson and Yvonne Brune was elected Secretary <br />and. <br />John Dilley moved forward with the Commission meeting with the discussion of the <br />tasks at hand; Commission to focus on <br />A)Master Plan <br />B)Budget and <br />C)Tangible Goals. <br />Lisa mentioned that she had attended the Iowa Public Art Network Workshop in Iowa <br />City and had gathered information about such city projects as Council Bluffs, Iowa City <br />and the Quad Cities, and has yet to review the information, but has cleared her plate to do <br />so in the next month, prior to the February PAAC (Public Arts Advisory Commission) <br />meeting. She (Lisa) will send electronic documents of the Council Bluffs Master Plan to <br />everyone on the Commission. Tracy mentioned that Metro Arts has a five year strategic <br />plan. It was brought to Lisa’s attention that the City of Urbandale is also going through <br />this public arts discussion and that we should communicate with them and perhaps even <br />dovetail into some of their efforts that will co-exist with the City of Clive. <br />West Des Moines also is working on creating a strategic plan has included eight action <br />items in their plan: <br />1)Prepare ordinances <br />2)Establish framework and a charge <br />3)Definition of public art <br />4)Identify existing public art (both public and private) <br />5)Identify placement opportunity <br /> <br />