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<br />Public Arts Advisory Commission <br />Meeting, February 27, 2008, 4:30 – 6:00 pm <br />Clive City Hall <br />th <br />1900 NW 114 St, Clive, Iowa <br />A call to order was lead by Lisa, announcing that Chairman Dilley would not be attending and <br />requesting an interim Chairperson. Bill Dikis motioned for Karen Leibold to serve as interim <br />Chairperson. Second by Linda Shanks. Motion passed unanimously. <br />Roll call followed with the following attendance: Yvonne Brune, Chuck Kuba, Bill Dikis, <br />Chaden Halfhill, Karen Leibold, Tracy Levine, and Linda Shanks <br />Staff Present: <br /> Lisa Schmidt, Assistant City Manager; Kelly Canfield, Parks and Recreation <br />Guests Present: <br />Director. Lynette Pohlman, Iowa State University; Bruce Williams, Iowa <br />Department of Cultural Affairs <br />The minutes from the previous meeting were approved and there were no announcements from <br />Lisa requested the next meeting be moved to Wednesday, April 2, 2008, <br />the chairperson. <br />4:30 pm at Clive City Hall, due to a conflict with the standing March date, and would <br />confirm with all members by email <br />. <br />Public Art Consultant Lynette Pohlman was then introduced and gave a brief overview of her <br />credentials. She began by asking the group to introduce their backgrounds and intents for this <br />commission. <br />Discussion then ensued regarding selecting a studio artist or working in collaboration with an <br />artist to “design a community driven vision.” Other pertinent points included understanding the <br />community, understanding the Council’s direction for the Commission, preparation to defend <br />selections, credentials of the artists selected, creating that “sense of place,” and the community <br />branding efforts that are currently in progress will also help with understanding the community <br />vision. <br />TO DO: <br /> Lynette requested all Commission members to think about the differences between a <br />public art PROJECT versus a public art PROGRAM, and bring those thoughts to our next <br />meeting. She suggested thinking about the quality of the collection, credentials of the artists, <br />diversity of thought and expression, the cost of not only acquisition but for the care and <br />maintenance involving city human resources, and an educational component that could be an <br />effective way to build community support. <br />Lisa mentioned that the Mayor will soon be calling for a joint meeting with members of all the <br />city’s commissions, committees, and boards to bring all the pieces together, so the entire efforts <br />of all groups are transparent and can be more collaborative. <br />The meeting was called for adjournment at 6:00 pm by Chuck Kuba and second by Linda <br />Shanks. Motion carried. <br />Respectfully submitted by Yvonne Brune, Secretary, Public Arts Advisory Commission. <br />