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<br />Clive Public Arts Advisory Commission Meeting <br />April 23, 2008 <br />th <br />Clive City Hall, 1900 NW 114 St, Clive, Iowa <br />Call to order by Chairman <br />Dr. John Dilley at 4:35 PM. <br />Present: <br /> Dilley, Yvonne Brune, Bill Dikis, Chaden Halfhill, Tracy Levine, and Linda Shanks. <br />Dave Roszak has not attended the previous three meetings and will be removed from the <br />Commission per the bylaws (Article II, Section 3). Requesting referrals for replacement. <br />Staff and Guests Present <br />: Lisa Schmidt, Clive Assistant City Manager; Kelly Canfield, Clive <br />Parks and Rec Director; Lynette Pohlman, Iowa State University <br />Motion to approve agenda <br /> by Shanks and seconded by Dikis. Motion passed unanimously. <br />Motion to approve minutes <br /> by Dikis, seconded by Shanks. Motion passed unanimously. <br />Announcements from the Chair: <br />Dilley, pointing to the fact that this is just our fourth planning meeting, is encouraged and <br />pleased with the synergy of the group. He acknowledged appreciation of our consultant, Lynette <br />Pohlman, who was applauded by the group. <br />Strategic Planning led by Pohlman: <br />Art Inventory: <br />The group completed a whip around to brainstorm art that already exist throughout Clive. These <br />include art pieces as well as architecture throughout the city. <br />NCMIC building designed by OPN at 14001 University <br />th <br />Faith Lutheran Church at University Avenue/104 Street <br />Crestview Elementary School mural inside the school—a collaborative effort between the <br />artist and the students <br />th <br />Clive Depot at 86 and Swanson <br />Wittern sculpture on University Boulevard <br />Big Brothers/Big Sisters sign on Swanson <br />th <br />Ryan Companies “Prairie Emergence” near University Avenue and 128 Street <br />th <br />Future site: Clive Wellness Campus at University Avenue and 125 Street <br />Pohlman suggested we take digital pictures of all these sights so to include them in minutes. <br />Schmidt will do so in the coming weeks <br />. <br />Vision and Mission Statement: <br />Pohlman moved the discussion to the need for a vision and mission statement for the <br />Commission that is very large in scope and encompasses the big picture. Sample vision/mission <br />statements were submitted by Pohlman, pulled from other cities and universities. She suggested <br />pulling keywords out of these to formulate our own vision statement. Such words as inspire, <br />enlighten, and civic pride tend to be larger and more encompassing. The group felt it should be <br />short, no more than 75 words, needed to be more eternal, and should be able to voice it from <br /> <br />