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<br />Clive Public Art Advisory Commission <br />June 25, 2008 <br />th <br />Clive City Hall, 1900 NW 114 Street, Clive, Iowa <br />Call to order by Chairman <br />JohnDilley at 4:30 PM. <br />Present: <br /> Dilley, Yvonne Brune, Chaden Halfhill, Chuck Kuba, Karen Leibold, and Linda <br />Shanks. <br />Staff and Guests Present <br />: Lisa Schmidt, Clive Assistant City Manager <br />A discussion regarding the replacement of a member was brief, with Lisa checking into <br />two candidates. <br />Motion to approve agenda <br /> by Shanks and seconded by Kuba. Motion passed <br />unanimously. <br />Motion to approve minutes <br /> by Kuba, seconded by Shanks. Motion passed unanimously. <br />Announcements from the Chair <br />Chair Dilley commented on a particular book that may assist the commission members in <br />moving the decision making forward. “Blink” by Malcolm Caldwell focuses on the <br />premise that we all have instincts that we should listen to and not always allow all the <br />technology/reports/etc to make our decisions for us. <br />Also, Dilley announced that artist Tom Wargin from Madison, Wisconsin <br />() will be participating in the upcoming Des Moines Arts Festival. <br />Dilley has seen his work at similar art festivals and noted that Wargin has won several <br />Best in Show awards from festivals around the Midwest. One of Wargin’s areas of <br />strengths is bronze sculpture, so the Commission members are encouraged to visit with <br />him and take in his artwork during the Art Festival. <br />Dilley also thanked the Commission Members for their work to-date on the strategic plan <br />and commended the group on laying solid groundwork for the Clive community. <br />Website Discussion/Presentation <br />Linda Shanks has graciously volunteered her time to create a “Clive Public Art” website. <br />The basic layout is a stock template and includes several features, including a “slide <br />show” of public art images. The information buttons are basic, the application does have <br />The <br />access to moodle (educational courses available online) and blog capability. <br />Commission Members were instructed to review this online, and to send <br />comments/changes/copy ideas to Lisa by Wednesday, July 16. <br /> The site is currently at <br /> (not yet ready for public consumption). <br />Some initial suggestions were to change the photos to fade rather than the louvers, and <br />the copy blocks should be black type/white background for readability. It was also <br /> <br />