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<br />Clive Public Arts Commission Introductory Meeting <br />November 27, 2007 <br />Clive City Hall, NW Conference Room <br /> <br /> <br />Meeting Agenda <br /> <br />1. Introductions: <br />What brought you here tonight? <br /> <br />2. Overview of the Clive Public Arts Commission Charter and responsibilities <br />of its members <br /> <br />3. Current Art Initiatives/Plans <br /> <br />th <br />a. Bravo Cultural Enrichment Grant—NW 86 Street Revolving Art <br />Program <br />th <br />b. NW 86 Street Corridor streetscape <br />th <br />c. Prairie Emergence at 128/University Avenue <br /> <br />4. Future Steps <br /> <br /> <br />