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<br />Public Arts Advisory Commission Meeting <br />April 2, 2008 <br />th <br />Clive City Hall, 1900 NW 114 St <br /> <br /> <br />Call to order by Dr. John Dilley at 4:34 pm. Attendance was taken with the following <br />members present: Dr. John Dilley, Yvonne Brune, Chuck Kuba, Linda Shanks, Bill <br />Dikis, Karen Leibold, and Tracy Levine. <br /> <br />Staff and Guests Present: Lisa Schmidt, Clive Assistant City Manager; Kelly Canfield, <br />Clive Parks and Rec Director; Lynette Pohlman, Iowa State University <br /> <br />The agenda was motioned as approved by Chuck and seconded by Linda. Minutes from <br />the previous meeting were also motioned as approved by Bill and seconded by Chuck. <br /> <br />The Chair announced the effort to form a mission statement that would include, “all <br />art be consistent (compatible) with the history and culture of our community; all art <br />be unique and interesting so that people would want to come and enjoy it; and all art be <br />business-friendly (enhancing business exposure along the corridor, without disturbing <br />access to those businesses). The discussion of comparison of similar communities to <br />reflect their arts programs determined there are approximately 15,000 citizens of Clive. <br />While small by some comparisons, given its relative location in the Metro, the City is <br />able to compare itself with West Des Moines, Johnston, Ankeny, Ames, Iowa City, and <br />Urbandale. It was suggested that we discover other cities that perhaps are not <br />only Iowa based. <br /> <br />Strategic planning was then lead by Lynette, who submitted a review of past points, <br />reflection of public vs private arts programs, (and projects vs programs) credentials of <br />artists and the commissions comments regarding them (attached). It became clear that <br />this group is not willing to focus on one or the other and would like to be very flexible in <br />all selections. Discussion of copyright and reproduction of the art was also introduced as <br />well as an effort by Lynette to move the group forward on a suggested set of art <br />placements. The group again resisted, commenting that perhaps this is still too early to <br />The group is charged with creating an inventory of existing art in Clive, <br />identify. <br />and sending those suggestions to Lisa via email. Lisa will compile them and have <br />them ready by our next meeting. <br /> <br />Human traffic patterns also became part of the conversation, and the group was asked to <br />think about foot/bike/auto traffic and how they can accommodate art placement. A short <br />th <br />discussion of possible sites ensued, listing the following: 86 Street Master Plan, Public <br />facilities (ie: city hall, public safety center, future library expansion, aquatic center and <br />the public works building). It was suggested that the commission be supplied with a list <br /> <br />