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Police Department Policy and Procedure Manual <br /> Chapter 2 — Personnel <br /> Section Number: 2-2-20 <br /> Section Title: Selection Process <br /> Most Recent Update: 04/13/2020 <br /> L Policy <br /> A. It is the policy of the Clive Police Department to ensure integrity and professionalism <br /> within it ranks by hiring the most qualified and best suited candidates for all positions who <br /> meet or exceed established criteria set forth by the Clive Civil Service Commission. <br /> IL Procedures-Identification of Need <br /> A. The Chief of Police will determine when there is a need for a hiring process for the <br /> position of police officer. <br /> B. The Chief of Police, in conjunction with the Civil Service Commission and the City of <br /> Clive's Human Resource Department, will develop a selection process that will ensure the <br /> best qualified candidates are identified. <br /> III. Procedure-Application Process <br /> A. To apply for a position as a police officer, the applicant must complete the application <br /> forms provided by the City of Clive and all forms provided with the application. All <br /> answers to questions on the application must be true and accurate. Any false statements <br /> in the application will mean immediate disqualification of the applicant and shall also <br /> constitute grounds for immediate dismissal should the applicant be hired. <br /> 1. Applicants must agree to and complete letters authorizing the Clive Civil Service <br /> Commission and the Clive Police Department to conduct a thorough and complete <br /> background examination. <br /> 2. Certification and appointment will also be subject to the applicant's successful <br /> completion of the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy's course within eighteen (12) <br /> months of appointment if not previously certified. <br /> B. All applicants shall be judged for the position applied for based on the job description by the <br /> City of Clive,the Clive Civil Service Commission's Procedures, and any applicable Clive <br /> City Ordinances. <br /> C. Applicants will not be considered unless they meet the following minimum requirements: <br />