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Police Department Policy and Procedure Manual <br /> Chapter 2 —Personnel <br /> Section Number: 2-5-11 <br /> Section Title: Bias Based Policing Prohibited <br /> Most Recent Update: 06/23/2020 <br /> L Biased Based Policing Prohibited <br /> A. Bias based policing is the selection of individuals based solely on a trait common to a <br /> group for enforcement action. This includes, but is not limited to, race, ethnic <br /> background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, age, cultural group or <br /> any other identifiable group. <br /> B. Bias based policing is prohibited by the Clive Police Department and has no basis in any <br /> enforcement action including traffic contacts, field contacts and in asset seizure and <br /> forfeiture efforts. Officers should focus on a person's conduct or other specific suspect <br /> information. Officers must have reasonable suspicion supported by articulated facts the <br /> person contacted regarding their identification, activity or location has been, is, or is <br /> about to commit a crime or is currently presenting a threat to the safety of themselves or <br /> others. <br /> C. The Clive Police Department will ensure all new officers being hired will be provided <br /> with training that reflects the Department's zero tolerance in biased based policing. <br /> Prohibited biased based policing training will include field contacts, traffic stops, search <br /> issues, asset seizure/forfeiture, and interview techniques, cultural diversity, <br /> discrimination and community support. <br /> D. The Department will also provide annual training for affected personnel in biased issues. <br /> E. The Department will conduct a documented annual administrative review of the agency's <br /> practices, including citizen concerns and any corrective actions taken <br />