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Police Department Policy and Procedure Manual <br /> Chapter 4 — Operations <br /> Section Number: 4-4-1 <br /> Section Title: Use of Force <br /> Most Recent Update: 09/25/2020 <br /> 1. Policy <br /> A. The purpose of this section is to establish policy and procedure regarding the reasonable, <br /> appropriate and acceptable use of force, to provide for a high degree of officer safety, and <br /> to provide for the treatment of any injury or complaint of injury arising from the use of <br /> force. <br /> B. It shall be the policy of this department to employ the amount of force that is reasonable <br /> and necessary to overcome the resistance offered, affect a lawful arrest, and/or accomplish <br /> the lawful performance of duty while protecting the public. <br /> C. Founded allegation of the use of unreasonable or unnecessary force, and/or the failure to <br /> provide proper first aid or medical treatment following the use of force, will result in <br /> disciplinary action against those who use or allow the use of such force, or fail to provide <br /> for the care of persons in custody. <br /> IL Definitions <br /> A. Control-is the method/methods an officer uses to neutralize the unlawful actions of a <br /> subject, or to protect the subject's attempt to evade an officer's attempts to establish <br /> control. <br /> B. Resistance-is defined as the subject's attempt to evade an officer's attempts to establish <br /> control. <br /> C. Force-is the attempt to establish control through physical means, in the presence of <br /> resistance. All force is a means of control, however, control can at times be achieved <br /> without the use of physical force. <br /> D. Non-deadly Force-is that amount of force that will not likely result in death or serious <br /> physical injury. <br /> 1 <br />