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<br />Clive Public Arts Advisory Commission <br />Meeting Minutes <br />Wednesday, May 27, 2009 <br />th <br />Clive City Hall, NW Conference Room, 1900 NW 114 Street, Clive <br />Call to order <br />at 5:15 pm <br />Members Present <br />: John Dilley, Yvonne Brune, Bill Dikis, Karen Leibold, Tracy Levine, Chuck <br />Kuba, Linda Shanks <br />Members Absent: <br /> Chaden Halfhill, Ann Keating, Linda Shanks <br />Staff Present <br />: Lisa Schmidt, Assistant City Manager <br />Motion to approve agenda <br />: Leibold moved to approve and seconded by Kuba. Motion carried <br />unanimously. <br />Motion to approve previous meeting minutes <br />: Leibold corrected the spelling of her name. <br />Leibold moved to approve with correction and seconded by Kuba. Motion carried unanimously. <br />New business <br />: <br />Artist-Selection Panel for Public Art Project in Crossing Guard Shelter: <br />Leibold, acting <br />chair of the Artist-Selection Panel for the crossing guard shelter public art project, presented an <br />overview of the artist-selection process to date. Eleven artists were asked to submit a response to <br />the RFQ. Nine artists submitted portfolios. The panel unanimously selected three finalists to <br />submit full proposals: Rebecca Ekstrand, Sarah Grant, and Karen Strohbeen/Bill Luchsinger. <br />Leibold commented that the sub-committee worked very well together, and built a common <br />vision for the site. Some of the factors they are looking for in the public artwork is that it will <br />present some detail, have a whimsical attitude, present a blend of nature, thematic, appropriate <br />context for children, and work with the architectural flow of the road. <br />The finalists’ proposals are due to City Hall on June 24. Part of the proposal includes a maquette <br />of the artists’ art proposal, and those maquettes will be on display at Clive City Hall/Public <br />Library for public viewing and comments from June 24 through July 1. <br />$500 honorariums will be given to the artists not selected, and the finalist will be contracted for a <br />range of $7,500. A discussion regarding the legal rights and possession of the maquettes ensued. <br />For this first project, the artist will retain the possession of the maquette, but the City has rights <br />to reproduce and promote. The PAAC wants to revisit this ownership issue for further projects. <br />Finalists are scheduled to present to the Artist-Selection Panel on Wednesday, July 1 at City <br />Hall. After the presentations, the Panel will meet to select the finalist, and submit their <br />recommendation to the PAAC, which then will officially make the request to the City Council. <br /> <br />