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<br />Clive Public Arts Advisory Commission <br />Wednesday, July 22, 2009 <br />th <br />Clive City Hall, NW Conference Room, 1900 NW 114 Street, Clive <br />Call to Order by Chairman <br />: Dr. John Dilley at 5:15 pm <br />Members Present <br />: Dilley, Yvonne Brune, Chaden Halfhill, Linda Shanks, Anne Keating, Karen <br />Leibold, Tracey LeVine, Bill Dikis, Chuck Kuba <br />Staff Present <br />: Lisa Schmidt, Assistant City Manager <br />Motion to Approve Agenda <br />: by Shanks seconded by Leibold. Motion passed unanimously. <br />Motion to Approve Minutes <br />: by Keating seconded by Dikis. Motion passed unanimously. <br />Announcements from the Chair <br />: None <br />Budget Review <br />: BRAVO is granting the PAAC $13,000 again this year, we are awaiting <br />confirmation of $9,000 from the Dallas County Community Foundation and have received the $2 <br />(See attached budget for full details) <br />per capita funding on July 1. <br />Website Review <br />: Shanks reported there has been no additional progress to-date. Schmidt offered <br />to make this a city function, due to the fact that people will not remain on the Commission after a <br />term is up. Schmidt will look into the way the city can host the PAAC site as it is currently setup. <br />th <br />New Business <br />: The NW 86 Street/University Blvd sculpture plaza project has three finalists: <br />Richard Taylor, Mark Mouton, and Ron Dinsdale. The process of preparing the RFP this time <br />includes objectives, clear guidelines, and transitional plans to work with the artist. Dikis has <br />prepared supplemental instructions. The suggested budget for this project is $36,000. ($35,000 <br />for the sculpture and $1,000 for two $500 stipends). <br />This particular piece of artwork will be an important iconic placeholder for that corner and will <br />determine the character and sense of place. It was noted that the committee reserves the right to <br />start the search again if the proposals submitted are not acceptable. <br />Dikis motioned to accept the budget of $36,000 for this important project, Keating <br />seconded. The motion was voted unanimously by the commission members. <br /> Discussion <br />followed regarding the RFP to be conceptual for the artist presentation rather than a hard and fast <br />final concept of the actual piece. This process would allow for the collaboration of the <br />community with the artist. Modifications would allow the artist more latitude up-front tow work <br />with many of the stakeholders. It also enables the selection panel to work with the artist on the <br />final version of the artwork, enhancing the notion of a site-specific piece. Dikis submitted the <br />refined RFP, it was approved by the PAAC and will be sent to the artists by July 23. <br />Review of Artist Selection <br />: Dikis suggested that going forward, all members of the selection <br />panel should be voting members (including PAAC members) and allow them to join in the <br />discussion. Schmidt also noted that now we have a library of 20+ artists that we can go back to <br />for future projects rather than starting from “scratch”. And also, to be consistent with City of <br /> <br />