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<br />Clive Public Arts Advisory Commission <br />Wednesday, August 26, 2009 <br />th <br />Clive City Hall, Council Chambers, 1900 NW 114 Street, Clive <br />Call to Order by Chairman <br />: Dr. John Dilley at 5:20 pm. <br />Members Present <br />: John Dilley, Yvonne Brune, Bill Dikis, Anne Keating, Chuck Kuba, <br />Karen Leibold, Tracy Levine, Linda Shanks <br />Member Absent <br />: Chaden Halfhill <br />Staff Present <br />: Lisa Schmidt, Assistant City Manager <br />Motion to Approve Agenda <br />: by Bill Dikis, seconded by Karen Liebold. Motion passed <br />Motion to Approve July 22 Minutes <br />unanimously. : by Linda Shanks, seconded by <br />Chuck Kuba. Motion passed unanimously. <br />Announcements from the Chair <br />: John eloquently reminded committee members of the <br />progress that has been achieved since the first meeting to the completion of last year’s <br />Master Plan. Now, there have been two projects off the ground with $50,000 income and <br />one more up and coming with the elementary school. John stated how proud we all can <br />be about the progress made to date. <br />Budget Review <br />: Lisa reviewed the budget. The professional fee amount includes the <br />honorariums. A 10% figure goes to the perpetual maintenance fund. The Dallas County <br />Foundation grant money was awarded for $9,000. The West Des Moines Community <br />School District is giving $2,000 for the Crossing Guard Shelter public art project thanks <br />to conversations Mayor Les Aasheim initiated with Superintendent Dr. Tom Narak. The <br />interpretive signage at the Crossing Guard artwork will acknowledge the district. <br />Website Review <br />: Linda Shanks reported that there has not yet been discussion on the <br />website. She, Lisa Schmidt, and the IT director for the City of Clive will meet in <br />September, report back to the Committee and by the November Public Art Conference <br />have the improvements to the website ready. <br />New Business <br />: <br />th <br />NW 86 Street and University Boulevard: Karen Leibold and Bill Dikis, co-chairs of the <br />outdoor sculpture artist selection process, reported. There were three artist finalists who <br />presented works earlier in the afternoon. <br /> Richard Taylor’s concept was wind vanes. Marc Moulton’s project, “Prairie <br />Engine” was a stainless steel piece meant to evoke the history of the locomotives and the <br />beauty of the Iowa grasses. Ron Dinsdale presented several versions of his idea made of <br />Bedford Indiana limestone. The panel voted for Marc Moulton’s piece. <br /> A tentative date of September 9 is set for the “collaborative workshop.” This will <br />be an opportunity for the artist to meet with members of the Clive Public Arts Advisory <br />Commission and others to hammer out the details. Some further discussion items include <br /> <br />