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Clive Public Arts Advisory Commission Meeting <br />Wednesday, October 28, 2009 <br />Clive City Hall, 1900 NW 114 Street <br />Clive City Hall, NW Conference Room <br />5:15 PM <br />Agenda <br />1. Call to order <br />2. Roll call <br />3. Approval of agenda <br />4. Approval of minutes of previous meeting <br />5. Announcements or comments from the Chair <br />6. Budget Review (Attachment #1) <br />7. Website Review <br />8. New Business <br />• Annual Report <br />• Fundraising Opportunity with Sticks (Attachment #2) <br />9. Staff report <br />• Update of identifying priorities for future public art locations <br />o City of Ames Public Art Program (Attachment #3) <br />• Update on NW 86 and University Blvd. sculpture (Attachment #4) <br />• Update on Shuler Elementary public art piece <br />10. Announcements <br />• Next meeting date: December 23 at 5:15 (should we change due to holiday ?) <br />• Park Board Meeting: November 9, 5:30 p.m. in Council Chambers (Chuck <br />and Linda to attend with Lisa) <br />11. Adj ournment <br />