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<br />Clive Public Arts Advisory Commission <br />Wednesday, October 28, 2009 <br />th <br />Clive City Hall, Council Chambers, 1900 NW 114 Street, Clive <br />Call to Order <br />: Chairman Dilley called the meeting to order at 5:17 p.m. <br />Members Present <br />: John Dilley, Yvonne Brune, Bill Dikis, Anne Keating, Chuck Kuba, <br />and Linda Shanks <br />Members Absent <br />: Chaden Halfhill, Karen Leibold, and Tracy Levine <br />Staff Present <br />: Lisa Schmidt, Assistant City Manager <br />Motion to Approve Agenda <br />: by Kuba, seconded by Dikis. Motion passed unanimously <br />Motion to Approve <br />with change in sequence to discuss annual report after fundraising. <br />rd <br />September 23 Meeting Minutes <br />: by Keating, seconded by Kuba. Motion passed <br />unanimously. <br />Announcements from the Chair <br />: Announcements from Dilley regarding the end of his <br />term and requested the Commission members to think about the nomination of a new <br />Chairperson. Schmidt commented that four seats (Dilley, Kuba, Leibold, and Levine) <br />would be either renewing or new members would have to be appointed by the Mayor; <br />Kuba and Leibold have requested renewal and Schmidt is still waiting to hear from <br />Levine regarding her wishes. <br />Budget Review <br />: The budget review began with acceptance of the balanced budget as <br />submitted by Schmidt. Small donations are coming in through private donations for the <br />Shuler art project, and the Mayor/Council is still waiting to hear from Waukee schools <br />regarding their financial contribution. These small donations have not yet been recorded <br />on the budget and will be updated during the next meeting’s budget review. <br />Website Review <br />: The PAAC website has moved to the City of Clive site and the <br />Commission’s requested changes have been completed by Schmidt. Other arts sites have <br />been reviewed to enhance the Clive arts pages, specifically the City of Ames and the <br />Iowa Arts Council. Both these sites utilize blogs to enter current information and inspire <br />additional arts considerations. The use of a blog has been approved by the PAAC as well. <br />New Business <br />: <br />Fundraising Opportunity with Sticks: <br /> New business regarding the production of 7x7” <br />wood plaques, drawn, burned and painted by STICKS using the imagery from the Sarah <br />th <br />Grant art at the Crossing Guard Shelter on 86 street was deliberated. PAAC members <br />chose the following imagery for the six tiles: 1) Be a good neighbor, 2) Stargazer/Dream, <br />3) Go Valley/Go Waukee/Go Dowling, 4) The Heart of Clive, 5) We Love Iowa/Fields of <br />Opportunity, and 6) Visit the Depot. Leibold (via email communicated by Schmidt) <br />suggested we consider the seasonal as well, and perhaps they would become a second run <br />in subsequent years. <br />These plaques will be marketed by the City on the website, in the City newsletter, at the <br />Library, at City Hall and perhaps approach a Clive businesses to offer information <br /> <br />