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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> MINUTES <br />CLIVE PARKS AND RECREATION BOARD <br />Monday, March 1, 2010 <br />Council Chambers <br />th <br /> 1900 NW 114 Street <br /> <br />Chairman Crawford called the meeting to order at 5:33 p.m. <br /> <br />Present – , <br />BarnesCrawford, Guisinger, Martin, Postma, Reed, Weaver <br /> <br />Barnes made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Postma. All signified aye, motion <br />approved. <br /> <br />Barnes made a motion to approve the consent items, including the appointments of Jane <br />Clark and Craig Stark to the Tree Committee. Weaver seconded. All signified aye, motion <br />approved. <br /> <br />There were no citizen presentations. <br /> <br />Clive Jaycees Requests for Clive After Five- <br />Davin Jones, Management Vice President, Clive Jaycees, presented requests for the 2010 Clive <br />After Five events. The site plan remains the same as previous years. There will be five events <br />this year, a decrease from thirteen held last year. A request was received to extend set up hours <br />to begin at 1:00 p.m. instead of the past 2:00 p.m. due to fewer volunteers available. <br /> <br />Guisinger made a motion to approve staff’s recommendation for limited set-up beginning at <br />1:00 p.m. and subject to the city receiving all required permits and insurance documents. <br />Barnes seconded. All signified aye, motion approved. <br /> <br />Possible Partnership with Urbandale for a Dog Park- <br />Staff shared dog park guidelines from the internet and a West Des Moines informational flyer. <br />The Board was asked if they wanted to pursue development of a park. Discussion was held <br />regarding costs, site suggestions and amenities needed for this project. Staff will obtain <br />estimates for consultant costs and discuss splitting the amount with the Urbandale department. <br />Findings will be brought to the next meeting. <br /> <br />Barnes made a motion for staff to research the partnership and park development further, <br />seconded by Reed. All signified aye, motion approved. <br /> <br />Comprehensive Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan- <br />Staff continued the overview of the Comprehensive Plan including Greenbelt Park and Trail <br />sections. Improvements regarding trail heads, signage, Greenbelt programs, kiosks, and <br />additional trash receptacles were suggested. <br /> <br />