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<br />Clive Public Arts Advisory Commission Meeting <br />Wednesday, March 31, 2010 <br />Clive City Hall, 1900 NW 114th Street, Clive, Iowa <br />Call to order: <br />Chairman Bill Dikis called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM. <br />Members Present: <br /> Yvonne Brune, Dikis, Tracy Levine, Karen Leibold, Tom Murphy, Linda Shanks <br />Members Absent: <br /> Chaden Halfhill, Anne Keating, Chuck Kuba <br />Staff and Guests Present: <br /> Lisa Schmidt, Clive Assistant City Manager <br />Motion to approve agenda and minutes <br /> made by Shanks and seconded by Murphy. Motion passed <br />unanimously. <br />Announcements from Chair: <br /> Dikis reminded the Commission members of the Iowa State/Brunner <br />Gallery Campus Art Walks that would be a great program to emulate for the Clive community for public <br />th <br />art awareness. It was suggested that the forthcoming Kum & Go piece at NW 86 & Harbach and Prairie <br />th <br />Engine by Marc Moulton at NW 86 and University Blvd would be a starting point and a good way to <br />engage the community. Dikis also discussed pursuing an addition to the website that features Art and <br />Architecture (for instance, the Faith Lutheran building would be a prime example of that focus). And, <br />lastly, Dikis acknowledged with great thanks to the Clive City Council for the $2 per capita allocation for <br />public arts in the general fund. <br />Budget Review: <br />The budget review will be presented at the May meeting due to a number of new <br />donations from the Shuler family and Shuler School families. In addition, the Waukee Community School <br />District has initiated a fundraiser, requesting donations ($100 typically) for this public arts project. They <br />will receive a Waukee or Shuler tile from Sticks®, making the net donation $50 (from a $100 donation). <br />The Shuler Project can now be targeted for $40,000+. It was suggested that a photo or sketch of the <br />selected sculpture be provided by the artist who is eventually selected and framed and given to members <br />of the Shuler family who have been large donors to the project. Dikis also commented that a maquette <br />should be required of the artist for permanent display at Shuler Elementary. <br />Website Review: <br />Shanks has completed the draft Artist Registry online interactive form and presented to <br />the Commission. For a “test drive,” Leibold submitted an entry to review how the registry application <br />functions, and discussion of how to coordinate the current instructions on the City of Clive site and this <br />interactive application. Schmidt will access this and talk to IT for link and suggestions. A subcommittee <br />of Shanks, Levine, Leibold, and Schmidt will gather and monitor this registry. <br />New Business: <br />Shuler Project <br />timeline was presented by Schmidt. Levine, Murphy, and Schmidt had previously <br />met and refined the scope of the project. A target date of Spring 2011 was determined, meaning <br />that a June deadline is set for an Artist Selection Panel in order to have an artist on-board by <br />October 2010 to participate in a collaborative workshop and artist in residence program that will <br />be funded by the Shuler Elementary School budget. Dikis commented that if indeed the project <br />scope becomes more highly funded, the artist may need additional time, and perhaps the <br />unveiling of the sculpture could be pushed back to the Fall of 2011. <br />The discussion of keeping the Shuler families engaged with this project was presented by <br />Murphy, with the idea of having former miners providing their testimony via video. Murphy and <br /> <br />