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REVD MAR 5 1981 RESOLUTION NO. 87-22 1 <br /> RESOLUTION NAMING DEPOSITORIES <br /> A copy of this resolution must be on file with the Treasurer of State.Submit two copies;upon approval,one will be returned. <br /> The maximum deposit approved for each institution may not be increased without further approval of the Treasurer of State <br /> pursuant to Iowa Code§453.3 (1983), as amended by 1984 Iowa Acts, S.F. 2220, §7. <br /> RESOLVED,that the CLIVE CITY COUNCIL <br /> (Insert name of public body) <br /> of CITY OF CLIVE in POLK Count <br /> (Insert name of County,City,School District, County, <br /> Iowa, approves the following list of financial institutions to be depositories of the CITY OF CLIVE <br /> Insert the name of public body) <br /> funds in conformance with all applicable provisions of Iowa Code Chapters 452 and 453 (1983), <br /> as amended by 1984 Iowa Acts, S.F. 2220. The CITY CLERK/TREASURER <br /> (Insert title of public officer) <br /> is hereby authorized to deposit the CITY AND/OR CLIVE POLICE RETIREMENT funds in amounts not to <br /> (Insert name of public body) <br /> exceed the maximum approved for each respective financial institution as set out below. <br /> Depository Name Location of Maximum Balance in Maximum Balance in <br /> Home Office effect under prior effect under this <br /> CLIVE BRANCH & resolution resolution <br /> HAWKEYE BANK & TRUST DES MOINES, IOWA 3 , 500,000 4, 500,000 <br /> NORWEST BANK DES MOINES DES MOINES, IOWA 200,000 600,000 <br /> WEST BANK WEST DES MOINES , 200,000 600,000 <br /> IOWA <br /> CERTIFICATION. I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of a resolution of the <br /> CLIVE CITY COUNCIL <br /> (Insert name of public body) <br /> adopted at a meeting of said public body,duly called and held on the ICIA day of FEBRUARY , 1g 8 7 a <br /> quorum being pres nt,as said resolution remains of record in the minutes of said meeting,and it is now in full force and effect. <br /> Dated this_L LLB day of FEBRUARY 19 8 7 <br /> Mkat-4A <br /> The amount authorized by this <br /> (Seosetery,clerk, a <br /> resolution is hereby approved. <br /> MICHAEL L. FITZGERALD Mailing Address: <br /> ^ „ T�eS,u,rer of State CITY OF CLIVE <br /> " �' 8505 HARBACH BLVD <br /> '2 � ^' `�� ; PO BOX 8 CLIVE , IOWA 50053 <br /> by Telephone: <br /> FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Area 515 223-6220 <br /> CPE-31019 8/84 <br />