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<br />Clive Public ArtsAdvisory CommissionMeetingMinutes <br />Wednesday, August 25, 2010 <br />Clive City Hall, Council Chambers, 1900 NW 114th Street <br />Call to order: <br />Chairman Bill Dikiscalled the meeting to orderat 5:31PM. <br />Members Present: <br />Chuck Kuba,Dikis,AnneKeating, TracyLevine, KarenLeibold,Tom Murphy, and <br />Linda Shanks <br />Members Absent: <br />Chaden Halfhill & Yvonne Brune <br />Staff and Guests Present: <br />Lisa Schmidt, Clive Assistant City Manager <br />Approval of Agenda - <br />A Motion to approve the Agenda was made by Shanks and seconded by Leibold. <br />The Motion passed unanimously. <br />Approval of <br />Minutes-AMotionto approve the Minutes wasmade by Kubaand seconded by Leibold. <br />Motion passed unanimously. <br />Announcements from Chair <br />-No announcements. <br />Budget Review- <br />Leibold advised the Commission that she is continuing to work on the new budget <br />formatwith Schmidt and will defer a discussion of the format until the next meeting.Dikis asked <br />Commission members to think about how next year's budget should be spent and what projects should be <br />funded. <br />New Business- <br />ART ALONG THE TRAIL- <br />Schmidt advised the Commission that the City has received $6,000 from BRAVO for our <br />Art along the Trail Project. The Art along the Trail Project will include a call to artists <br />for sculpture thatwill temporarily loanedto the Cityfor display along the Clive trail <br />system. It is envisioned that the City will purchase one or two of the pieces of artworkat <br />the end of the exhibit.Schmidt also isapplying for additional funds from Prairie <br />Meadows. She will be entering discussions with certain business leaders to determine if <br />they would financially contribute to the Project. She will also be discussing it further <br />with the Clive Chamber of Commerce. A subcommittee is being formed to consider <br />locations along the trail system that would be appropriate for locating artwork. Three <br />members of the Park Board, three members of the Commission and a City Council <br />representative will comprise the subcommittee. The Commission members will be <br />Halfhill, Kuba,and Keating. Commission members reflected on how recent flooding <br />could be an issue in the placement of artwork. Leibold also requested that we keep in <br />mind that environmental installations (i.e. hedge maze) should also be considered in <br />addition to sculpture. Kuba inquired whether performance art should be considered. As <br />the City Master Plan is currently written, only visual arts are in the purview of the <br />Commission. This might change if and when the City invests in a public performance <br />facility. Dikis suggested that Kuba write the City and express his interest in being part of <br />any discussions down the road concerning performance art in Clive and any related <br />developments. <br />ART IN CITY HALL- <br />The Mayor has made a suggestion to improve the aesthetics of CityHall by having artists <br />temporarily loan artworkto the Cityfor display in public locations in City Hall and the <br />Library. Commission members made the following suggestions regarding the project: <br />Invite galleries to display artwork <br />o <br />Invite artists that have responded to City RFPs to display their work <br />o <br /> <br />