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C I r'! Copy <br /> 1143 Iowa Depart111entof Transportation <br /> CHANGE OR EXTRA WORK ORDER Non Substantial <br /> No. 8 Substantial <br /> FHWA Concurrence <br /> Contract No. 27785 County Pol k <br /> Group lO.m' group csn r.dsr ono tr.r, y Project FRt7S 77CLi1 -8J -77 <br /> Kind of Work Structures Date Prepared February 13. 1989 <br /> To Cramer Associates, Inc. Contractor: <br /> You are hereby ordered to make the following changes from the plans or do the following extra work on your contract dated 9117/87 <br /> A Description of change to be made or extra work to be done: <br /> Adjust contract quantities to actual as- constructed. <br /> B Reason for ordering change or extra work: <br /> To allow for changes in work as directed by Engineer during construction. <br /> Snyder Associates, Inc. <br /> (Continued on reverse side) <br /> GG s,0 0 irna.J 2 1987 <br /> Approved Ant. Din Engr. 19 Res. Engr. <br /> Receipt is acknowledged of this change or extra work and terms of settlement are hereby agreed to <br /> Approved contingent upon funds being available under the existing Cramer Associat -s In <br /> project agreement or upon additional FederaMeld funds being made cO °vec1Or <br /> available by a modified project agreement. g It 19, <br /> D.n Fee theIonAdministrator APpro 4 198 I <br /> DH. <br /> r.d.r i nginn Admtn slrnlen FMo 0 <br /> 1/4 DISTRIBUTION: 1. White Copy Iowa Department of Transportation Main Office, 2. Canary Copy Federal Highway Administration, 3. Pink <br /> Copy Resident Engineer, 4. Green Copy Contractor, 5. Blue Copy Office of Construction or Maintenance, 6. Buff Copy <br /> District Engineer. <br />