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Clive Public Arts Advisory Commission Meeting Minutes <br />Wednesday, December 15, 2010 <br />Clive City Hall, Conference Room, 1900 NW 114 Street <br />Call to order: Chairman Bill Dikis called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM. <br />Members Present: Yvonne Brune, Dikis, Anne Keating, Chuck Kuba, Karen Leibold, Tracy Levine, Tom <br />Murphy, and Linda Shanks <br />Members Absent: Chaden Halfhill <br />Staff and Guests Present: Lisa Schmidt, Clive Assistant City Manager; Rebecca Ekstrand & Thomas <br />Rosborough, artists for the Shuler Public Art Memorial; Seth Gray & Chris Della Vedova from Confluence; <br />Bruno Andreini and Richard Ori from the Shuler Mining Community. <br />Approval of Agenda — The Agenda was approved with the addition of an item to discuss the Clive <br />Festival activities. <br />Approval of Minutes — A correction was made by Leibold to the minutes concerning the Clive Historical <br />Society open house. The Shuler Mining Community was invited to the open house — not the Shuler <br />family since they lived too far away. A Motion to approve the Minutes was made by Leibold and <br />seconded by Brune. Motion passed unanimously. <br />Announcements from Chair- Dikis asked Schmidt to comment on her resignation as Assistant City <br />Manager and whether the City had made any progress in hiring her replacement. She told the <br />Commission that she has offered to continue her work with the Commission as a paid consultant, unsure <br />at this time whether the City will move forward with her offer. The Commission members expressed <br />their gratitude to Schmidt for her hard work and dedication and indicated they hoped she could <br />continue to work with the Commission in some capacity in the future. <br />New Business- <br />Black Diamond Presentation - Shuler Public Art Memorial <br />Gray made a presentation on the site plan and the landscaping that will surround the Shuler Public Art <br />Memorial sculpture. The new site will have a better connection to the nearby trail system and will be <br />relatively flat so no stairs are required. The plaza that will surround the sculpture will provide easy <br />access to all sides of it. A seating wall will be constructed using gabions (wire mesh cages filled with <br />coal). The gabions will have concrete slabs on top for seating. A gabion will also be used as a pillar for <br />information plaques. The pillar will have an artist statement, donor list, and interpretative history <br />included on stainless steel plaques. Native vegetation will be used as landscaping materials including <br />sumacs in the rear, ornamental grasses along the sides, and barren strawberry plants around the base. <br />The chosen artists, Rebecca Ekstrand & Thomas Rosborough, also made a presentation on the project. <br />They showed the Commission and guests updated pictures of the narrative panels (mule with cart, <br />houses with water pump, mother, baby and chicken in the garden and miner). They also showed the <br />Commission and guests a mockup of the 'black diamond' that will be the centerpiece of the sculpture. <br />Ekstrand has spoken to a lighting specialist on possible lighting options. No firm budget has been <br />established for the landscaping and lighting. Ekstrand suggested that Commission members might want <br />to visit the fabricator when the sculpture is in production. Shanks and Murphy indicated an interest in <br />filming the process. It was suggested that Ori and Andreini might assist in writing the interpretative <br />history for the pillar. Several Commission members expressed how much they liked the site plan and <br />new narrative drawings. Dikis on behalf of the Commission indicated his appreciation for the <br />presentations by Gray, Ekstrand and Rosoborough. <br />