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<br /> <br /> <br />1 <br />Clive City Council Meeting <br />Regular Session <br />Thursday, March 17, 2011 <br /> <br />The regular meeting of the Clive City Council was held Thursday, March 17, 2011 at Clive City <br />Hall at 7:00 p.m. Mayor Cirksena presided and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Council <br />members present were: Brody, Edwards, Klein, Leighton, Weaver. Absent: None. <br /> <br />Leighton moved to approve the agenda with the removal of item #11, Closed Session, seconded <br />by Edwards. Roll Call: Ayes: Brody, Edwards, Klein, Leighton, Weaver. Nays: None. Motion <br />carried. <br /> <br />Mayor Cirksena presented Terry Lutz and Mike Hall with a certificate of appreciation for their <br />service to the City in assisting with moderating and helping the Council set priorities regarding <br />strategic planning. <br /> <br />nd <br />Craig Erickson, 805 52 Place WDM, representing the Clive Chamber, gave Council an update <br />on recent activities and upcoming events. <br /> <br />Resolutions <br />Leighton moved to approve the consent items and those contained therein <br />seconded by Brody. 5a. Minutes dated 3-3-11; 5b. Bill List dated 3-14-11; 5c. Water <br />Reconciliation Report – Feb 2011; 5d. City Clerk’s Dept Report – Feb 2011; 5e. Parks Dept <br />Report – Feb 2011; 5f. Building Dept Report – Feb 2011; 5g. Fire Dept Report – Feb 2011; 5h. <br />Police Dept Report – Feb 2011; 5i. Public Works Dept Report – Feb 2011; 5j. Library Dept Report <br />– Feb 2011; 5k. Code Enforcement Report – Feb 2011; 5l. Tech Services Report – Feb 2011; <br />Resolution No. 2011-65 <br />5m. authorizing City Clerk to destroy certain records of the city – Feb <br />ResolutionNo. 2011-66 <br />2011; 5n. approving transfer from University Blvd Special Assessments <br />to [various] – $140.13; 5o. Approve Pay Request #2 – Confluence Design – professional services <br />– Shuler Art Project – $785.60; 5p. Approve purchase – dump truck – Public Works – O’Halloran <br />International –$122,346; 5q. Approve purchase – replacement pick-ups (2) – Public Works – <br />Resolution No. 2011-67 <br />Stiver’s Ford – $44,025; 5r. approving Agreement to Complete – <br />Resolution No. 2011-68 <br />Westown Industrial Park Plat 1, Lot 19 – 9289 Swanson Blvd; 5s. <br />accepting First Amendment to Surface Water Flowage Easement – Walnut Creek Hills of Clive <br />Resolution No. 2011-69 <br />Plat 3, Lot 5; 5t. approving professional services agreement – Civil <br />Resolution No. 2011- <br />Design Advantage, LLC – Aquatic Center Trail Connection – $27,150; 5u. <br />70 <br />approving professional services agreement – Snyder & Associates – North Walnut Creek <br />Resolution No. 2011-71 <br />Flood Mapping Project – $9500; 5v. approving Memorandum of <br /> <br />Understanding with WDSM/Windsor Heights –North Walnut Creek Flood Mapping Project; 5w. <br />Resolution No. 2011-72 <br /> approving professional services agreement – Public Financial <br />Management – arbitrage services; 5x. Approve promotion/pay rate for Rhoda Campbell – PT <br />Library Assistant – $12.48 – effective 3-18-11. Roll Call: Ayes: Brody, Edwards, Klein, Leighton, <br />Weaver. Nays: None. Motion carried. <br /> <br />Resolution <br />Edwards introduced the following and moved its adoption, seconded by Klein. Roll <br />Call: Ayes: Brody, Edwards, Klein, Leighton, Weaver. Nays: None. Motion carried. Whereupon, <br />the Mayor declared the following duly adopted: <br /> <br />RESOLUTION NO. 2011-73 <br /> <br />RESOLUTION APPROVING 28E AGREEMENT AMONG MEMBERS OF THE POLK COUNTY <br />EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT COMMISSION FOR FUNDING OF EMERGENCY <br />MANAGEMENT ADMINISTRATION <br /> <br />PASSED AND APPROVED THIS 17TH DAY OF MARCH 2011. <br /> <br /> <br />