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RESOLUTION NO. +- <br /> RESOLUTION APPROVING CHAPTER 28E AGREEMENT <br /> REGARDING A LOCAL OPTION SALES AND SERVICES <br /> TAX IN POLK COUNTY, IOWA <br /> WHEREAS, Chapter 422B, 1985 Code of Iowa Supplement, as amended <br /> by SF 2302 of the 1986 Session of Iowa Legislature, authorizes the <br /> governing bodies of cities and the county for the unincorporated <br /> area of the county, which together represent more than 50% of the <br /> population within Polk County, to submit to the voters at a special <br /> election the question of whether a local option sales and services <br /> tax shall be imposed within the various jurisdictions within Polk <br /> • <br /> County, Iowa; and <br /> WHEREAS, in its capacity as a city within Polk County, pursuant <br /> to Resolution No.f -/ , dated December 18, 1986, the City of <br /> Clive has exercised it right to call and state the ballot question <br /> for a special election on March 17, 1987, on the question of impo- <br /> sition, at the rate of 1 %, to be effective on July 1, 1987, of a <br /> local sales and services tax the revenues of which are to be allo- <br /> cated as follows: <br /> 1. 75% for property tax relief. <br /> 2. The specific purposes for which the revenues shall <br /> otherwise be expended are: library, cultural, civic, and park <br /> and recreational facilities, activities or services; <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS, the City of Clive has received communications indi- <br /> cating that Polk County, Iowa, and the cities within Polk County of <br /> Alleman, Ankeny, Bondurant, Clive, Des Moines, Elkhart, Grimes, <br /> Johnston, Mitchellville, Pleasant Hill, Polk City, Runnells, Urban- <br /> dale, West Des Moines and Windsor Heights would agree to enter an <br /> agreement pursuant to Chapter 28E, Code of Iowa, providing certain <br /> terms, conditions and limitations on expenditures of local sales and <br /> services tax revenues in those jurisdictions where such tax may be <br /> imposed; and <br /> WHEREAS, the form for such agreement is attached hereto as a <br /> document entitled "Chapter 28E Agreement regarding a Local Option <br /> Sales and Services Tax in Polk County, Iowa "; and <br /> WHEREAS, pursuant to section 4 of the proposed Chapter 28E <br /> Agreement, local sales and services tax revenues would be requi red <br /> to be used as follows: <br /> (a) The Cities of Des Moines and West Des Moines shall <br /> appropriate 75% of their respective local sales and <br /> services tax revenues, and the other parties hereto <br /> shall appropriate at least 50 %, but no more than 75 %, <br /> of their local sales and services tax revenues, for <br /> payment of debt service costs for outstanding bond <br /> • issues for capital improvement projects, payment for <br /> new capital improvements, or the costs of issuance of, <br /> and debt service on, bond issues for such new capital <br /> improvements which are included in such capital im- <br /> provements programs as may be formally adopted from <br /> time to time, and payment of the costs of issuance, <br /> and principal, premium (if any) and interest in con- <br /> nection with any refunding or advance refunding of any <br /> such outstanding or future bond issues. The local <br /> sales and services tax revenues received by each party <br /> for this purpose shall be accounted for as a separate <br />