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The Council then discussed the matter of constructing <br /> certain permanent street improvements in said City, and <br /> miscellaneous related work, generally described as the <br /> Clive, Iowa, Public Improvement Project, 1986 (114th Street) - <br /> Division One - Street. <br /> A Petition and Waiver, duly executed by owners of property <br /> to be assessed for the proposed public improvements, was offi- <br /> cially filed with the Clerk of said City. <br /> Whereupon, Council Member ��� introduced the <br /> • <br /> following resolution entitled "RESOLUTION APPROVING PETITION <br /> AND WAIVER ", and moved that the same he adopted. Council <br /> Member �( //,q ,7 / / /c /- seconded the motion to adopt. The <br /> roll was called and the vote was, <br /> AYES: / (1 <// C (/ 4 W/%/ i' • % <br /> -;' , //! <br /> NAYS: <br /> Whereupon, the Mayor declared the following Resolution duly <br /> adopted: <br /> RESOLUTION APPROVING PETITION AND WAIVER g4-30 <br /> WHEREAS, a Petition and Waiver has been duly executed by <br /> the owners of property agreeing thereby to be assessed for the <br /> full cost of street improvements, the same being attached here- <br /> to; and <br /> WHEREAS, upon investigation it is found that the holders of <br /> all liens and encumbrances against said benefited property to <br /> be assessed pursuant to said Petition and Waiver have executed <br /> and agreed to and have subordinated their liens to the provi- <br /> sions of same; and <br /> WHEREAS, the following action is deemed appropriate. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE <br /> CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA: <br /> Section 1. That the aforesaid Petition and Waiver attached <br /> hereto be and the same is hereby approved and accepted for and <br /> on behalf_ of this City. <br /> - 2 - <br /> • <br />