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BEGINNING AT THE NORTHWEST CORNER OF SAID LOT "A "; <br /> THENCE NORTHERLY ALONG AN EXTENSION OF THE WEST LINE OF <br /> SAID LOT "A ", 156.60 FEET; THENCE EASTERLY, 753.26 FEET <br /> TO A POINT BEING 66.61 FEET NORTH OF THE NORTHEAST COR- <br /> NER OF SAID LOT 9; THENCE SOUTHERLY ALONG AN EXTENSION <br /> OF THE EAST LINE OF SAID LOT 9, 66.61 FEET TO THE NORTH- <br /> EAST CORNER OF SAID LOT 9; THENCE SOUTHWESTERLY ALONG <br /> THE NORTH LINE OF SAID LOTS 9, 8, 7, AND " A " , 758.47 <br /> FEET TO THE POINT OF BEGINNING ALL NCW BEING IN AND <br /> FORMING A PART OF THE CITY OF CLIVE, POLK COUNTY, IOWA <br /> AND CONTAINING 1.930 ACRES (84,077 S.F.) MORE OR LESS. <br /> The Mayor called for any oral objections to the making of such - <br /> conveyance. (`'% oral objections were offered, and the Clerk re- <br /> • corded that ,f written objections thereto have been filed. <br /> Councilman - f� _ introduced the following Resolution <br /> entitled "Resolution Conveying Unto Holmes Oldsmobile Co., Inc. by <br /> Quit Claim Deed a Portion of Lot 11 Interstate Investment Subdivi- <br /> sion an Official Plat, A Portion of N.W. 114th Street North of <br /> Walnut Creek and A Portion of the Frontage Road South of Hickman <br /> Road Between 111th Street and 114th Street All Now Located Within <br /> the City of Clive, Polk County, Iowa, in Exchange for $21,000.00, <br /> Certain Real Estate Owned By Holmes, Certain Temporary and Perman- <br /> ent Easements, Certain Agreements and A Petition and Waiver of <br /> Special Assessments" and moved that the same be adopted. Council- <br /> man ,A a,;(!2,1; /,l seconded the motion to adopt. The roll was <br /> called, and the vote was: <br /> Ayes : IP) eL9f,07M-1/ _Mt Odtehtf. <br /> Nayes: <br /> Whereupon, the Mayor declared the following Resolution du <br /> adopted: <br /> RESOLUTION NO. � "x ` <br /> RESOLUTION CONVEYING UNTO HOLMES OLDSMOBILE, CO., INC. <br /> BY QUIT CLAIM DEED A PORTION OF LOT 11 INTERSTATE <br /> INVESTMENT SUBDIVISION AN OFFICIAL PLAT, A PORTION <br /> N.W. 114TH STREET NORTH OF WALNUT CREEK AND A PORTION <br /> OF THE FRONTAGE ROAD SOUTH OF HICKMAN ROAD <br /> BETWEEN 111TH STREET AND 114TH STREET ALL NOW <br /> LOCATED WITHIN THE CITY OF CLIVE, POLK COUNTY, IOWA, <br /> IN EXCHANGE FOR $21,000.00, CERTAIN REAL ESTATE CWNED BY <br /> HOLMES, CERTAIN TEMPORARY AND PERMANENT EASEMENTS, <br /> CERTAIN AGREEMENTS AND A PETITION AND WAIVER <br /> OF SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS <br /> III WHEREAS, Holmes Oldsmobile Co., Inc., an Iowa corporation, has <br /> approached the City Council of the City of Clive, Iowa, requesting <br /> that the City convey unto it by Quit Claim Deed the following de- <br /> scribed real estate: <br /> ALL OF LOT 11 INTERSTATE INVESTMENT SUBDIVISION AN OFFI- <br /> CIAL PLAT EXCEPT A PARCEL DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: <br /> BEGINNING AT THE SOUTHWEST CORNER OF LOT 11 INTERSTATE <br /> INVESTMENT SUBDIVISION AN OFFICIAL PLAT; THENCE NORTHER- <br /> LY ALONG THE WEST LINE OF SAID LOT, 40.40 FEET TO A <br /> POINT ON A CURVE; THENCE NORTHEASTERLY ALONG A CURVE <br /> CONCAVE NORTHWESTERLY WHOSE RADIUS IS 210.00 FEET AND <br /> -2- <br />