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RESOLUTION NO. g 24 <br /> RESOLUTION SETTING A PUBLIC HEARING AND DIRECTING NOTICE <br /> THEREOF CONCERNING THE PROPOSED ADOPTION OF ORDINANCE NO. <br /> 297 WHICH PROVIDES FOR THE ADOPTION OF THE PROVISIONS OF <br /> CHAPTER 427B OF THE CODE OF IOWA RELATING TO TAX ABATEMENT <br /> FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF, AND ADDITION TO QUALIFYING INDUSTRIAL <br /> PROPERTIES AND USES WITHIN THE CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA <br /> BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA, <br /> that a public hearing be held by the City Council of the City of <br /> • Clive, Iowa, will meet at the Clive City Hall, 8505 Harbach <br /> Boulevard, in the City of Clive, Polk County, Iowa, at 7:15 <br /> o'clock P.M. on the 18th day of November, 1982, on the proposed <br /> adoption of Ordinance No. 297 which provides for adoption of the <br /> provisions of Chapter 427B of the Code of Iowa relating to tax <br /> abatement for the construction of, and addition to qualifying <br /> industrial properties and uses within the City of Clive, Iowa, at <br /> which time and place the City Council will consider any objections <br /> to said proposed Ordinance and will hear all interested persons; <br /> and the Mayor and Clerk are hereby instructed to publish notice of <br /> said public hearing as required by law using the form of notice <br /> attached hereto. <br /> Passed and approved this 28th day of October, 1982. <br /> j te . :SkY <br /> � A <br /> O. tene ' addox, Mayor <br /> • ATTEST: <br /> Clerk <br /> 411 <br />