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Resolution No. 1 <br /> RESOLUTION ADOPTING CERTAIN PROVISIONS OF EXISTING <br /> CITY ORDINANCES REPEALED BY THE CODE OF <br /> ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF CLIVE, 1981 AND <br /> PROVIDING FOR MAINTENANCE OF A CITY RESOLUTION BOOK <br /> WHEREAS, certain provisions contained in the ordinances of the <br /> City of Clive are not contained in the Code of Ordinances of the <br /> City of Clive, 1981; and <br /> WHEREAS, it is deemed necessary and appropriate to retain by <br /> resolution certain provisions of ordinances existing at the time <br /> of the adoption of said Ordinance; and <br /> WHEREAS, a method of retaining resolutions for orderly <br /> referral is needed. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br /> OF CLIVE, IOWA: <br /> 1. The provisions of Ordinances 176 as amended by Ordinance <br /> 227, except for subsections (a) and (b) of Section 4 thereof, <br /> (police job classification ordinance) are hereby adopted as though <br /> fully set forth herein and the civil service seniority list <br /> contained therein is hereby reaffirmed. <br /> 2. The provisions of Sections 1 (Director of Public Works) <br /> and 2 (Building Official and Zoning Administrative Official) of <br /> Ordinance 201 are hereby adopted as though fully set forth herein. <br /> 3. The City Clerk- Treasurer shall maintain a book to be <br /> known as the Clive Resolution Book which shall contain all <br /> Resolutions adopted by the City which are given a number <br /> designation by the City Council and said book shall contain a <br /> table of contents and an exact copy shall be available for public <br /> review and inspection. <br /> PASSED AND APPROVED this 17th day of December, 1981. <br /> efe , <br /> • 0. e-ne a' 'ox, Ma or <br /> ATTEST: <br /> Marjorie . Lee, Clerk <br /> 411 <br />