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' -/ introduced the following <br /> Resolution entitled "RESOLUTION DIRECTING THE ADVERTISEMENT FOR <br /> SALE OF $1,500,000.00 GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS," and moved its <br /> adoption. (. _4 U — /dL4. L seconded the motion to adopt. The <br /> roll was called and the vote was, <br /> AYES: <br /> • <br /> i <br /> ) . � <br /> NAYS: , /'?L - <br /> Whereupon, the Mayor declared the Resol tion duly adopted <br /> as follows: it , , ) � - )1 J 3, <br /> RESOLUTION DIRECTING THE ADVERTISEMENT <br /> FOR SALE OF $1,500,000.00 GENERAL OBLIGATION <br /> BONDS <br /> WHEREAS, the City of Clive, Iowa, is in need of funds to <br /> pay costs of construction of certain street, sanitary and storm <br /> sewer, and bridge improvements in said City, and miscellaneous <br /> related work; costs to be paid by the direct expenditure of <br /> proceeds, to replace Project Notes issued to fund the projects, <br /> or to replace other City funds used to fund the projects, or a <br /> combination thereof, essential corporate purpose projects, <br /> and it is deemed necessary and advisable that the City issue <br /> General Obligation Bonds for said purposes to the amount of <br /> $1,500,000.00, as authorized by Section 384.25 of the City Code <br /> of Iowa; and <br /> WHEREAS, pursuant to notice published as required by <br /> Section 384.25 this Council has held a public meeting and <br /> hearing on July 3, 1986, upon the proposal to institute pro- <br /> ceedings for the issuance of not to exceed $1,750,000.00 <br /> General Obligation Bonds, and all objections, if any, to such <br /> Council action made by any resident or property owner of said <br /> City were received and considered by the Council; and it is the <br /> decision of the Council that additional action be taken for the <br /> issuance of $1,500,000.00 General Obligation Bonds, and that <br /> such action is considered to be in the best interests of said <br /> City and the residents thereof: <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE <br /> CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA: <br /> 2 <br /> Ahlers, l r onry; [)orweiler. Haynie, Snwh AIILee•, lawyers. Urs Mumes, Insse <br />