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RESOLUTION NO. / <br /> RESOLUTION ACCEPTING PETITION AND WAIVER FOR <br /> PORTION OF OUTLOT 3, INDIAN HILLS HEIGHTS, <br /> AN OFFICIAL PLAT, NOW INCLUDED IN AND FORMING A PART <br /> OF THE CITY OF CLIVE, POLK COUNTY, IOWA <br /> WHEREAS, Jerry's Homes, Inc., has tendered to the City of Clive, <br /> Iowa, for acceptance a Petition and Waiver for the following - <br /> described property: <br /> Outlot 3, Indian Hills Heights, an Official Plat, <br /> • <br /> now included in and forming a part of the City of <br /> Clive, Polk County, Iowa; except that portion <br /> thereof lying east of and adjacent to Lot 2, Indian <br /> Hills Heights. <br /> AND, WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Clive, Iowa, has <br /> been advised that it would be in the best interests of the City of <br /> Clive, Iowa, to accept the Petition and Waiver in accordance with <br /> the terms and conditions thereof. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br /> OF CLIVE, IOWA: <br /> That the Petition and Waiver referred to above be and is <br /> hereby accepted by the City of Clive, Iowa; that the Mayor is <br /> hereby authorized and directed to execute said Petition and <br /> Waiver on behalf of the City of Clive, Iowa; and the City Clerk <br /> is hereby authorized to attest to the signature of the Mayor, <br /> to record said document in the office of the Polk County, Iowa, <br /> Recorder and to advise the City Attorney of the recording of <br /> the same for the purpose of obtaining a final title opinion <br /> from Jerry's Homes, Inc. showing the recording of said document <br /> free and clear of any other liens or encumbrances. <br /> PASSED AND APPROVED this 15th day of October, 1987. <br /> AIM A <br /> P4 / 1 411 <br /> 4111 , <br /> 0. G- e Maddox, Mayor <br /> ATTEST: <br /> r Marjo S Pid,, Roberts, City Clerk <br /> • <br />