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RESOLUTION NO. f946C, <br /> A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING <br /> THE CLERK TO WRITE CHECKS FOR PAYROLLS, STATE AND <br /> FEDERAL WITHHOLDINGS, IPERS AND SOCIAL SECURITY <br /> WITHHOLDING AND CITY CONTRIBUTIONS, POSTAGE, DISCOUNTS, <br /> SHIPPING AND UTILITIES BILLINGS AND PAYMENTS FOR DE3T SE.RVICE <br /> AS SOON AS DUE WITHOUT PRIOR COUNCIL APPROVLL, SUBJECT <br /> TO COUNCIL AUDIT AND CONFIRMATION <br /> Be it Resolved by the Council of the City of Clive, Iowa: Section 1. <br /> The clerk is hereby authorized to pay the salaries or wages of officers <br /> • <br /> and employees at the rates authorized by council resolution, less legally <br /> required or authorized deductions (biweekly), and write the city checks for <br /> remitting taxes, checks for paying employee withholdings and city contri- <br /> butions to Social Security and Iowa Public Employees Retirement System, <br /> checks for postage, write checks for bills having discounts for early <br /> payment and pay amount billed for shipping charges and utilities bills <br /> upon receipt, and principal and interest on debt when due immediately upon <br /> determination of liability and without prior Council approval. Such claims <br /> shall be subject to audit and confirmation by Council action at the next <br /> meeting following their payment. This is to permit regularity of payrolls <br /> and the taking of discounts, and avoiding penalties which would become due <br /> if such payments were delayed. <br /> Passed this -... day of A � � 04 , 19_ 1 /. <br /> Mayo <br /> ATTEST: <br /> 1 <br /> Clerk <br />