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Council Member c44- -- moved that the form <br /> of Tax Exemption Certificate be placed on file and approved. <br /> Council Member 1, - seconded the motion and <br /> the roll being called thereon, the vote was as follows: <br /> AYES: 7.e.� �( ��,2d L�' C 6�J , 4I7 <br /> NAYS: 47-72,4_, , &a,6? /Z (/ <br /> Council Member4)(1%�-2-/-ty"-•-' introduced the <br /> Resolution hereinafter set out entitled "RESOLUTION PROVIDING <br /> FOR THE ISSUANCE OF $290,000.00 PUBLIC IMPROVEMENT BONDS" <br /> moved that the same be adopted. Council Member BOND, <br /> seconded the motion to adopt. The roll was called and the vote <br /> was as follows: <br /> AYES: <br /> NAYS: //vi' <br /> Whereupon the Mayor declared the Resoluti n duly adopted as <br /> follows: p l <br /> RESOLUTION PROVIDING FOR THE ISSUA// iVC �� ZJ / - X <br /> �, <br /> OF $290,000.00 PUBLIC IMPROVEMENT BONDS <br /> WHEREAS, on May 15, 1986, the City of Clive, Iowa, entered <br /> into contract with McAninch Corporation of Des Moines, Iowa, <br /> for the construction of the N.W. 114th Street Relocation - <br /> North, also known as the Clive, Iowa, Public Improvement <br /> Project, 1986 (114th Street) - Division One - Street, and the <br /> Clive, Iowa, Public Improvement Project, 1986 (114th Street) - <br /> Division Two - Storm Sewer, hereinafter sometimes referred to <br /> as the "project ", within the City; and <br /> WHEREAS, the construction of the project has been completed <br /> and was, by Resolution of this Council duly passed and approved <br /> on January 29, 1987, accepted as having been constructed in <br /> accordance with the plans, specifications and contract; and <br /> - 4 <br /> • Ahlers, Cooney, Dorweiler, Haynie, Smith 6 Anise, lawyers. Des Moines, Iowa <br />