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I County POLK <br /> t <br /> f. 1. RESOLUI'IC NO. g3 .16:. <br /> RESOLUTION ON ACQUISITION OR DEVELOPMENT <br /> r FOR OUTDOOR RECREATION <br /> UNDER THE LAND AND WATER CONSERVATION FUND PROGRAM <br /> r <br /> i <br /> ( WHEREAS, THE CITY OF CLIVE is interested in <br /> k . (Name of Agency) <br /> *' acquiring lands or developing outdoor recreational facilities on the following <br /> t <br /> i <br /> described project for the enjoyment of the citizenry of CLIVE <br /> and the State of Iowa: <br /> i <br /> r Project Title Greenbelt Park Pedestrian Bridae &Sidewalk Access NW 108th <br /> Street 6, Lincoln <br /> lil Total Estimated Cost $ 12,500 <br /> Brief Description of Project: The City of Clive proposes to construct <br /> a pedestrian bridge over Walnut Creek. The bridge will be x 8' . <br /> The bridge will be the fourth bridge to span Walnut Creek in the Greenbelt <br /> Park. The bridge will have a sidewalk 250' x 8' leading south between two <br /> homes on .City .. owned land. The purpose of this location (/41.7 108th Street <br /> P <br /> urp <br /> and Lincoln) is to serve the far west residential area. This area is <br /> G <br /> neighborhood <br /> now in the fina stage of construction and will be a final neig or o0 a <br /> in the next one to one and one -half Y ears. This type of bridge construction <br /> has proven to be vandal resistent, while remaining aesthetically attractive. <br /> AND, Land and Water Conservation Fund financial assistance is required for <br /> the acquisition or development of said outdoor recreational facilities, <br /> NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved by the CITY OF CLIVE <br /> I <br /> that the project described above be authorized, 1 <br /> 1 AND, be it further resolved that said CITY OF CLIVE <br /> ' make application to the State Conservation Commission to seek Land and Water <br /> Conservation Fund financial assistance from the National Park Service in the <br /> amount of 50 % of the actual cost of the project in behalf of said <br /> CITY OF CLIVE <br /> AND, be it further resolved by the CITY OF CLIVE <br /> that it certifies to the following: <br /> 1. That it will accept the terms and conditions set forth in the NPS <br /> Grants -in -Aid Manual and which will be a part of the Project Agreement <br /> for any grant awarded under the attached proposal. <br /> 111 SCC- L &WCF -1 <br /> Revised 12/70 <br />