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RESOLUTION NO. _ `� /` ' <br /> RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING AND DIRECTING THE CITY CLERK <br /> OF THE CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA TO TRANSFER $308.75 <br /> OF THE WALL STREET LIQUOR LICENSE FEE TO <br /> THE WATER FUND AND APPLY THE SAME ON <br /> THE WALL STREET WATER BILL AND DIRECTING <br /> CERTAIN OTHER ACTIONS RELATING TO THE <br /> COLLECTION OF THE WALL STREET WATER BILL <br /> WHEREAS, after March 9, 1984, but prior to June 9, 1984, the <br /> Wall Street, 9769 University Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50322 went <br /> out of business and closed it doors to the public; and <br /> • WHEREAS, thereafter on April 12, 1984 the City of Clive did <br /> cause a final bill for water consumed by the Wall Street prior to <br /> its going out of business to be delivered to the Wall Street in the <br /> total amount of $569.84, representing water charges of $512.40, <br /> taxes of $21.10 and legal penalty of $36.34; and <br /> WHEREAS, that as of May 3, 1984 said amount of such water bill <br /> has not been paid by the Wall Street to the City of Clive; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Wall Street was issued a Liquor License for pur- <br /> poses of selling liquor on December 10, 1983; and <br /> WHEREAS, pursuant to Chapter 123 of the Code of Iowa 1983, gen- <br /> erally the Wall Street may apply to the City of Clive for a refund <br /> in the amount of $308.75 for that portion of its Liquor License fee <br /> allocable to the City and not used, which represents the final six - <br /> month period that the license was to be effective; and <br /> WHEREAS, the City of Clive is now legally in possession of said <br /> $308.75 Liquor License fee and desires to exercise its common law <br /> right of set -off and apply the $308.75 Liquor License refund to the <br /> unpaid water charges reflected in the final water bill referred to <br /> above. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br /> OF CLIVE, IOWA: <br /> That the City Clerk- Treasurer of the City of Clive, Iowa <br /> is hereby authorized and directed to transfer from the City <br /> General Fund the amount of $308.75 representing the Liquor <br /> License fee that normally may be refunded into the Wall Street <br /> upon proper application into the Water Fund and, further, to <br /> apply the same to the balance due and owing as water charges to <br /> the City by the Wall Street for water service as reflected in <br /> the Wall Street Water Bill Account (Account No. 2542M 1F), <br /> thereby reducing said amount due and owing as water charges <br /> from $512.40 to $203.65; provided, however, the Wall Street <br /> shall continue to be liable to the City in the amounts of <br /> $203.65, $21.10 and $36.34 representing respectfully amounts of <br /> water charges, taxes and legal penalty. <br /> • PASSED AND APPROVED this . day of _ ___, 1984. <br /> AN i <br /> q) Oat <br /> 0. G•ne M.d:ox, M.y•r <br /> ATTEST: <br /> S °.- f <br /> Marjorie S. ee, City Clerk <br />