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RESOLUTION NO 9A <br /> ` ` / <br /> RESOLUTION APPROVING PLAN OF DIVISION <br /> FOR UNIVERSITY AVENUE WATERMAIN ASSESSMENT <br /> WHEREAS, the _city Council of the City of Clive, Iowa, passed <br /> and approved on LLuov,uk /`jW(7 , a resolution levying final <br /> special assessments a ainst dertain lots and tracts or parcels of <br /> land for ceratin water improvements generally described as the <br /> "University Avenue Watermain Extension "; and <br /> WHEREAS, Mid- America Investment Co., an owner of property <br /> which was assessed for said water improvements, has filed in the <br /> office of the City Clerk a plan of division of said property and <br /> an assessment levied against such property, pursuant to the <br /> provisions of Section 384.61 of the Code of Iowa, 1991; and <br /> WHEREAS, the plan of division for said property, which <br /> reallocates the special assessment, is set forth on Exhibit 1, <br /> attached hereto; and <br /> WHEREAS, the City Council has reviewed the proposed plan of <br /> • <br /> division, as set forth in Exhibit 1, and the same appears in the <br /> judgment of the City Council to be reasonable and proper; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS RESOLVED by the City Council of the City <br /> of Clive, Iowa, as follows: <br /> Section 1. That the proposed plan of division of the property <br /> and assessment, as set out in Exhibit 1 to this resolution, be and <br /> the same is hereby confirmed and approved. <br /> Section 2. That a copy of this resolution, duly certified by <br /> the City Clerk, be filed with the County Auditor and County <br /> Treasurer of Polk County, which filing will constitute their <br /> authority to modify and revise the county records accordingly to <br /> conform with the above mentioned plan of division. <br /> yti <br /> PASSED AND APPROVED this /7 day of o, 1991. <br /> 4 141lOi ft, A <br /> O. ene a..o -, .. or <br /> ATT / <br /> Ck r�,stIkei x(% s • M ti R Gin, c%ry <br /> c : \jcw \clive \resolu \watrmain.res <br />