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• RESOLUTIONS. 94153 <br /> RESOLUTION APPROVING CHANGE ORDER NO. 4 FOR <br /> THE CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA, CAMPBELL RECREATION AREA 1991 PHASE 1 <br /> CONTRACT BETWEEN McANINCH CORPORATION AND THE CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA <br /> AND AUTHORIZING MAYOR TO EXECUTE SAME <br /> WHEREAS, Snyder & Associates, Inc. (Engineer) has determined <br /> that it is necessary to make the changes set forth in the attach- <br /> ed Change Order Number 4; and <br /> WHEREAS, McAninch Corporation Inc., Contractor under the <br /> Campbell Recreation Contract for the City of Clive, has submitted <br /> a bid in the amount of $3.595.40 to perform said changes; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Engineer has submitted to the City Council of <br /> the City of Clive, IA, the attached Change Order No. 4 which <br /> provides for the performance of said changes for said contract; <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Clive, IA, is <br /> desirous of approving said Change Order No. 4 in the amount of <br /> $3,595.40, with the provision for additional work and payment <br /> therefore, and authorizing the Mayor to execute the same on <br /> behalf of the City of Clive, IA. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE <br /> CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA: <br /> The attached Change Order No. 4, for the City of Clive Campbell <br /> Recreation area 1991 Phase 1 Contract are hereby determined to be <br /> in the best interests of the residents of the City of Clive, <br /> Iowa, and are hereby accepted and approved by this City Council; <br /> and the Mayor is hereby authorized and directed to execute said <br /> Change Order No. 4 attached hereto on behalf of the City of <br /> Clive, Iowa. <br /> PASSED AND APPROVED THIS 3rd DAY OF October, 1991. <br /> ak <br /> s (4 (9k <br /> •. e-ne -d.o , - •r <br /> ATTEST: <br /> A t. r ' A <br /> Marj•ri:j S. Ro•erts, City Clerk <br />