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THY <br />Y <br />ECO <br />C/N <br />#6 65 �. <br />44 (li9J' <br />o <br />iNST # (2)319 <br />RESOLUTI 0 N RECORDING FEE 5 °O <br />AUDITOR FEE <br />WHEREAS, Scott D. Harris and Ellen O'Neil Harris, husband <br />and wife, are owners of Lot 36 in Country Club Plat 2, an <br />Official Plat, now included in and forming a part of the City of <br />Clive, Polk County, Iowa; and <br />WHEREAS, the local address of the above-described property <br />as shown on the final plat of Country Club Plat 2 is 1591 NW <br />132nd Street; and <br />WHEREAS, there is confusion as to whether or not the <br />above-described property owned by the Harrises is actually <br />located on NW 132nd Street or Hickory Avenue, and said confusion <br />makes it difficult for parties to locate their property; and <br />WHEREAS, the Harrises feel that said confusion in locating <br />their property can be eliminated by changing the local address <br />of their property from 1591 NW 132nd Street to 13200 Hickory <br />Avenue. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE <br />CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA: <br />That the plat of Country Club Plat 2 be amended by <br />changing the local address as shown on said plat for <br />Lot 36, from 1591 NW 132nd Street to 13200 Hickory <br />Avenue. <br />PASSED AND APPROVED this, day of August, 1991. <br />ATTEST: <br />By: <br />Bv: <br />10 <br />•oki 4d4d <br />CITY LI.ERIC <br />0 G <br />Marjorie S. Roberts, City <br />Clerk <br />ox, ayor <br />ocK6436PAfE125 <br />RETURN TO: <br />CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA <br />.105 HARBACH BLVD. <br />CUVE.IOWA 50325 <br />