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f <br /> • • <br /> ,�.,. <br /> el <br /> introduced the following <br /> Resolution entit ed "RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING RELEASE OF INDUSTRIAL <br /> DEVELOPMENT REVENUE BOND SECURITY DOCUMENTS ACID ISCHA E 9F <br /> LIENS" and moved that the same be adopted. (�J e M <br /> seconded the motion to adopt. The roll was called and the vote <br /> was, <br /> AYES: L���_.' ?t.,L. 1• • •1< ./ .. <br /> � .�,.• !� _�._ _4._i , /ice'.. l • ' <br /> NAYS: l ""' t , 0144.2,4 .L /[CTYLP <br /> Whereupon, the Mayor declared the following Resolution duly <br /> adopted: ' e,Zol ltA 1 Ql'1 f0. !L�� =am -L <br /> RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING RELEASE OF <br /> INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT REVENUE BOND SECURITY <br /> DOCUMENTS AND DISCHARGE OF LIENS <br /> WHEREAS, Central National Bank & Trust Company of Des Moines, <br /> Iowa (now known as First Interstate Bank of Des Moines) (the <br /> "Trustee ") has notified the City of Clive, Iowa (the "Issuer ") <br /> that the $750,000 Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (Rolscreen <br /> Company), Series 1980 (the "Bonds ") have been paid in full; and <br /> WHEREAS, pursuant to Article VIII of an Indenture of Trust <br /> dated as of February 1, 1980 between the Issuer and the Trustee <br /> (the "Indenture "), it is necessary for the Trustee to discharge <br /> the liens created by the Indenture, the Mortgage, the Loan <br /> Agreement, the Assignment and the Security Agreements as such <br /> terms are defined in the Indenture. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE <br /> CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA: <br /> Section 1. That the form of the Release of Industrial <br /> Development Revenue Bond Security Documents which is now before <br /> this City Council is hereby approved. <br /> Section 2. That the Trustee is directed to take all action <br /> necessary pursuant to Article VIII of the Indenture to release any <br /> and all liens securing the Bonds. <br /> Section 3. That the Mayor is authorized to execute any and <br /> all documents discharging the liens pertaining to the Bonds as may <br /> be required to effect the intent of this Resolution. <br /> -2- <br /> AHLERS, GOONEY. DORR EILER. HAYNIE. SMITH S ALLBEE. P.C. <br /> ATTORNEYS AT LAW DES MOINES, IOWA <br />