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• <br /> RESOLUTION NO. 91 -53 <br /> RESOLUTION APPROVING DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT <br /> WITH MID AMERICA INVESTMENT CO. <br /> AND CONVEYANCE OF PROPERTY <br /> WHEREAS, Mid- America Investment Co. owns certain real property <br /> located within the corporate limits of the City of Clive which it <br /> desires to develop (the "Property "); and <br /> WHEREAS, the City and Mid- America desire that certain public <br /> improvements be constructed to benefit the Property, including the <br /> extension of a sanitary sewer trunk line; and <br /> WHEREAS, Mid- America desires to purchase certain land from the <br /> City to be used in connection with the development of the Property; <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS, the City desires that Mid- America construct a public <br /> street on certain land located within the Property, and that such <br /> property be dedicated to the City for street purposes; and <br /> WHEREAS, the City and Mid- America have set forth their <br /> agreements concerning these and other matters concerning the <br /> Property in a Development Agreement, a copy of which is attached <br /> hereto Exhibit A. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF CLIVE, <br /> IOWA: <br /> That the Development Agreement, a copy of which is attached <br /> hereto as Exhibit A, is hereby approved by the City of Clive, Iowa, <br /> together with any modifications hereafter deemed advisable by City <br /> staff; and the Mayor is hereby authorized and directed to sign the <br /> Development Agreement on behalf of the City; and the City Clerk is <br /> hereby authorized and directed to attest to the signature of the <br /> Mayor, to affix the seal of the City to the same, and to record the <br /> Development Agreement in the office of the Polk County Recorder; <br /> and the Mayor and City Clerk, together with the City staff, are <br /> hereby authorized to take all other actions necessary or desirable <br /> to further the purposes of the Development Agreement, including the <br /> preparation and signing of all documents related to conveying the <br /> following property owned by the City to Mid- America Investment Co. <br /> pursuant to the Development Agreement: <br /> A part of the East 1/2 of Section 32, Township 79 North, <br /> Range 25 West of the 5th P.M., City of Clive, Polk <br /> County, Iowa, and described as follows: <br /> Commencing at the Southeast Corner of said Section 32; <br /> thence South 89 ° 46'30" West along the South line of the <br /> Southeast 1/4 of said Section 32, 1292.76 feet; thence <br />